Sunday, January 18, 2015

Staying In..

Do not let this sun streaming into the window fool you
it has been cold! We have not been above freezing for at least 2 weeks maybe 3! 

Every Thursday my friend and I meet up and this week we headed a half hour south to hit a couple of stores and then out to dinner with half price drinks and apps. She has a BJ's card so in we went and this is one reason I do not have a BJ's car. Yes this is a box of a dozen croissants.  Oh have they been good for breakfast, sandwiches, etc etc etc :)

I made a nice big bowl of chili or as I call it clean out the frig. chili.
I use up any veggies I have left over. I also use beef so it is not a veggie dish but oh so good!

I also made a herb bread that came out pretty good.

I also put together a fruit salad. No dressing just yummy fruit
We have made a pretty big dent in it this weekend. 

And since I am writing about food I will confess to chocolate
cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. So good but so bad.

Well some big football games today I want Greenbay and the Patriots in the super bowl.  Of course it is Sunday that means Downton Abbey!
I have made up a valentine pattern that I just started hooking tonight. I used this pan I got at a thrift just right for helping to design a rug.
When I came home from work on Friday that was the last time I left this house. there was lots of cleaning and lots of cooking, I also have been reading quite a bit. We are having an ice storm today and I have to be out for work tomorrow. I hope those of you with the extra day enjoy your time home. 


Primitive Stars said...

Love the sun shine but stay in warm and cozy. Those crosoints must be yummy as does the chilli. Stay safe, Francine.

Kim said...

I love weekends when I don't have to leave the house. Sorry about the ice storm. Hope it's over by now. We had nothing today and it got up to plus 3. Felt like summer. Lol. All the food looks great but that herb bread looks really good.
Have a good week

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope your drive to work is stress free. E
ven though this winter is nothing like last year's, I am still ready for it to be over!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

You're living it up with all that good food when you're not working. Those croissants are looking mighty tasty and tempting. We're having a january thaw today. I think that Mother Nature got the hint when she saw me with my foot in a pail of hot water, hehehe. I'm sure my cows are happy too with this balmy temperature after the -27°C.

Enjoy Downton Abbey.


Orange Sink said...

Wow! Cathy your post made me so hungry! I've been craving the carbs lately too!! Those chocolate cupcakes sound so divine!! But so bad!! LOL!
Can't wait for Downton Abbey tonight! Hubby is bummed about the GB Packers so he probably won't watch DA with me!!
Can't wait to see your new design!!
Cathy G

yaya said...

We had the opposite this weekend. I think it made it to 40de on Sat. with sun..very weird! I hope it warms up a bit, but then you know how to keep warm and cozy with all that yummy food! Looks great. I couldn't cook anything today that turned out...I just had to back away from the stove and call it "done"! Have a good week and stay safe and warm!

WoolenSails said...

We are getting rain, so can't complain, but at least with snow, I could get out and play;) Food looks good, I tend to be more hungry in the winter, always snacking and putting on a few extra pounds, lol.