Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To make the string of hearts

I posted this string of hearts and had a couple of requests
on a how to. This is so simple to do.

First you rip some pages out of an old book. I found a couple the pages had yellowed it is a great look. I used cookie cutters trace
Any size you want.

I did several pages at once and I could fit more than one heart on a page.

Now you have a stack of these. On to the sewing machine!

I tried to do stacks of 3 hearts. Now don't fret if you get a stack of 4 in the end not that noticeable.

I start right in the middle and try for the point or as close to as possible. Then you have the next stack of hearts to go under the pressure foot before the first heart is completely through. So you get the couple of little loops of thread holding it together to make a string do not cut the string until you run out of hearts or it is as long as you want. A side note I did not have an issue with unraveling on the ends I never backed stitch.
So I hung them up and folded the hearts backwards so they are 3D.
When I hung mine I put a hole punch on the top heart and used one of the hole reinforces to make sure it would not rip.

I did the dragonflies the same way down the center but I also think I could have done them through the wings to make a string to put on the mantle. 
I you have any questions let me know. 
Another cold day but at least the sun was shining 


Julia said...

Thanks for the tutorial Cathy. It looks so pretty. I might just try it for fun.

I'm noticing that the daylight is getting longer. It won't be long before we'll notice it more. It was still light when I finished feeding the calves this evening at 6:08. Of course I wasn't finish my work at the other end.... Usually it's always dark when I come out.

Nellie said...

How very clever! Those hearts would be lovely for Valentine's Day decor! xo

Kim said...

Thanks for the tutorial. They are so cute.

Rugs and Pugs said...

WOW! That is simple. Thank you so much for sharing.
Hugs :)

Farm Girl said...

I love this, I am going to have to make some. Thank you for showing how it is done.

WoolenSails said...

I really like how those look. I do have a lot of old books that are not worth saving, this would be fun to do.


annie said...

oh, I want some too! thanks!

Judy said...


yaya said...

Fun way to use an old book! Very clever...too bad I don't have a sewing machine! I'm so not crafty!

P.J. said...

How sweet!! I have some pages left over from Christmas banners I made last year! Perfect project for this weekend. Thank you for sharing. :)

moosecraft said...

What a great idea! And a very quick project too! Love it!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Awesome! Great tutorial!
Hugs Marg.

Raymond Homestead said...

Love this!