Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bright and early Saturday morning we went to the hundred acre wood to snowshoe and meet a few friends from Story Land.

Yes this cutie little face belongs to Miss B. Her mom is putting 
her into a pair of snowshoes.

Then  you snowshoe through the woods and stop along the way 
and read a book, a page at a time. This time is was Owl Moon if you have not read it it is a lovely children's book. And as you can see the snowshoes are off Miss B. they lasted all of 30 seconds.
The best thing Miss B said to me on the way to snowshoeing 
"Look at the mountains Grammie! they are beautiful" 
way to melt my heart:)

Left to right son in law, husband, daughter.
This was husband's first time on snowshoes. He has a smile on his face.

So on To Sunday nice and sunny, 30's but windy. We strap on the snowshoes and off again,

We are both out of shape and to do this two days in a row
yikes! But we made it to the view.

Just so good for the soul!

We are tucked in with the fireplace log burning.

We had left overs for dinner,but had a wonderful salad with strawberries, pears, and Gorgonzola cheese ,to make it seem a bit fancy.

I just baked some apples and pears now for some amazing ice cream to top it all off.

There is a big storm on the way for Tue for us so I am staying out of the stores and hunkering down. 
stay warm and safe everyone.


Nellie said...

It looks like you've had a good time with some winter activity. Snowshoeing has never been something that was possible very often around here. Miss B is precious! Keep warm, and stay safe! A bit storm is supposedly heading your direction - maybe! xo

Julia said...

What a lovely outing with Miss B. I love the idea of reading books one page at a time in the forest.

That log burning in the fireplace looks so inviting.

Tonight I'm raising a glass of Valpolicella wine in honour of Robbie Burns. My daughters always celebrate his birthday on January 25th with haggis with nipps and taters, (turnips and potatoes)

We got a snow storm during the night and it back to cold and windy now.

Kim said...

Looks like a lot of fun. And good food afterwards too. Yup, storm is coming Tuesday. I'm prepared to hunker down. But I wish I had your fireplace

Rugs and Pugs said...

I know what you mean by being out of shape. Round is a shape, right?
We didn't get nearly the snow that was predicted for today - ok by me. I hear you guys are in for a doozy.
Miss B is just too cute in her snowshoes...even if it didn't last.
Stay warm and safe, my friend.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

I saw snowshoes in a store today, wasn't sure if they were any good but thinking they might have been a good idea for tomorrow, lol. Beautiful days to go out and your granddaughter is so cute.


Pat said...

What a fun outing...can't believe how big your sweet Miss B has gotten. Stay safe and warm.

newburyarts said...

*****good luck...i'm starting to not like winter. still "thawing"
out from last year! don't like the extreme heat either, so we're
rather stuck. stay warm! tom

moosecraft said...

Now that's a neat idea for kids! Love Miss B's Moo-hat! :-) Ginger ice cream sounds divine! I'm in Central NJ and they are predicting 1-2ft of snow tonight into tues.... stay warm and be safe!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh I love being outdoors like that, what a wonderful time looks like. That fire looks so cozy too after being outside. Stay safe, Francine.

yaya said...

I've been hearing about that storm that's heading your way all day. Take care and be careful. We got 6in of snow last night and today...not nearly what you're in for, but still a good day to stay in and hunker down. Love the snowshoes on Miss B..too cute!

svelteSTUFF said...

Life IS Good!