Thursday, August 1, 2013


I am blessed with amazing friends. I know I have said that before but I need to say it again.
On Thursdays I meet up with a very long time friend we hike, swim, or go for drinks and appetizers.

Tonight she had my almost birthday party she gave me that wonderful gift
I have been going to work with no cold packs I think the nurse in her took pity on me.
and then she threw in the skirts that were on the free rack at the thrift.
great for rug hooking!

Thank you for all the well wishes for my Sadie. She is on the mend and doing well.
The vet said put her in her crate 2 hours before the appointment no towel.
if she pees they could get it to test. So that's what we did by the time I got to the vets I was sure she had peed. the vet opened the crate and out came Sadie dripping with pee oh and was she mad.
Her ears were laid back and the vet was laughing so hard they brought in warm wet towels and dry
towels and cleaned her up. I swear she tried to hit the vet in the face with her pee pee tail.
The vet checked her all over and declared "for a cat older than God she is in great shape."
She gave her a shot for her infection and she seems much better.
I am off next week I hope we have good weather I would like to get out and about a bit.
Have a great weekend !


WoolenSails said...

What wonderful gifts, I used to go to dollar days for wool skirts but they don't do that anymore. I am glad to hear that Sadie is on the mend and feeling better.


Julia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cathy, It's so nice having those kind of friends to go out for a drink and an appetizer with once in a while. What a nice little bag to carry your lunch in. I love the fabric design.

Poor old kitty, I'm glad she is feeling better. Urinary infections are no fun.

I love that blue skirt, I assume it's 100% wool.

Enjoy your weekend.

Balisha said...

Oh, Sadie,
How embarrassing for you. I want to hit my Dr. sometimes too.Get well soon.

yaya said...

Happy almost birthday! What a nice gift. My friend Donna gave me something similar a few years ago and I use it everyday! I laughed about your poor cat..I do hope she does well. I have a cat that I'm not too fond of..she's a b*$%^! I was ready to ship her somewhere today! Have a good weekend!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy almost birthday!!!
Great story about Sadie. She is a feisty one ~ probably why she is still with you.
Enjoy your week off!!!
Hugs :)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cathy, sweet friend indeed.......So happy to hear Sadie is feeling better, she is so pretty but that temper, MEOW!!!! Enjoy The Weekend, Francine.

Judy said...

I love Sadie!!! Feisty keeps us going--those of us "almost" as old as God!!! Hope your birthday is wonderful! Enjoy your time off work.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. I knew it was around this date but was not for sure the exact date. Forgive me for my memory is not good of late.
Your Sadie looks very much like my Billie Sue the one I had to make a house cat because of being hit by the car six weeks ago. She and Tinkerbell are not the best of sisters yet.
I don't blame Sadie I would of been upset too. They do have a way about them of letting us know their not happy.
I need to read up on cats because this integrating the two is not much fun.
Hope you are out and about this weekend and the weather lets you.
It is worst than winter here as far as getting outside. 105 right now in the shade but with this stomach virus I got from my brother I am inside now for a while.
Sorry I wrote you a chapter.
Take care and Happy Birthday

Lynn said...

Happy almost (probably by now is) birthday! Girl friends are the best. I am not a cat person but I know how special our pets can be so I am glad Sadie is feeling better, too. Here's to a good week of doing what you want to do!

SouthernHeart said...

Happy Birthday, Cathy! Good for you, Sadie...glad you're feeling better!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I was so happy to hear this about your Sadie! How wonderful that she's 20 and still going strong!
Erica :)