Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Recipe

My tomatoes have been pitiful this year.
But I got enough to make a batch of sauce and it is yummy.

And I just happen to have found a great hand made pottery pasta bowl
at a church sale for 5.00 It is a hard thing to take a picture of but it is
a beautiful blue.

and I made another zucchini bread with raisins.

And tonight after work and after a lot of expensive fixes to my car.
I met up with my friend at a group antique shop. There was one booth was having
a half price off everything. I found this recipe box priced 2.00 so half off would be 1.00!
It is filled with a life time of hand written recipes. I am going to take some time
and go thought it I am sure I will find lots of great gems, it almost makes
up for the stresses of getting a car fixed.(almost:(
I will share any I try.
Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.
Life is an echo. What you send out-you get back. What you give-you get.


annie said...

that's a treasure you got for sure!
the food looks yummy!

yaya said...

Your sauce and bread look yummy and that bowl is beautiful! Great find. I love the handwritten recipes. Someone took alot of time to do that and you are now holding a piece of their life...and cooking it too! My car is on life my computer..and my riding mower is having an issue also. I need a second job to pay for it all..I hate mechanical things! I guess my plan to ride the mower to work, mow some lawns and make extra bucks to fix the car is out.

WoolenSails said...

My tomatoes are not ripening either, just getting a couple at a time. Hoping the ones on the vine will ripen soon so I can make at least one pot of fresh sauce.


newburyarts said...

*****where's the receipe? and the one is asked for regarding the great looking zucchini pie????? it's that time of year!!! thanks...

Willow said...

That Zucchini bread looks delish.
Glad your car is in working order.
Hope you get to now relax and enjoy the upcoming weekend.

newburyarts said...

*****we have a good receipe for a zucchini lasagna if you would like it...i have to dig it out. the bread you made looks pretty good too! tasha tudor would have been 98yrs old this past wednesday. tea time always makes me think of her!!! stay safe this weekend.
tom and barbara

Susan Freeman said...

Sorry to read about your car wows. Always a bummer, but antique browsing is the perfect remedy. At least it always works for me. Wishing you sunnier days and a happy holiday weekend!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Saundra said...

Start a pot of coffee and I'll be right over or some zucchini bread and coffee. We'll chat about hooking and I'll bring my present project for show-n-tell.

Have a great weekend.


Nellie said...

That recipe box with recipes is truly a treasure! I will be looking forward to hearing about what you cook.

Our tomatoes weren't very good this year, either. We didn't have enough to make any sauce at all.

Balisha said...

Oh how I would love to find an old recipe box like yours. Enjoy your time looking through it.

jody said...

Im sorry you have had stress.. I too am glad its friday.. Your sauce and bread look yummy and the bowl and recipe box will bring you pleasure , enjoy your weekend Cathy!

Tolentreasures said...

What a great find! It always amazes me that some family allowed grandma/mom's recipes to be sold!
Love that bowl! What a great find!