Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Beat The Heat

We have been hot and muggy for the past few days. If you live
in northern New England like I do not many people have air conditioners.
Not many people like air conditioners. We have them at work but not at home.

So you take a nice cool shower with all of your assorted lavender
scented products, the powder is a must.

Sit under your ceiling fan......

In your favorite spot, ours is the screened porch. Ahh heaven.....
I hear the little peepers tonight, I will have to wait for dark to see if the 
fireflies are out yet.
I want a house that has got over all its troubles. I don't want to spend the rest of my life bringing up a young and inexperience house.
Jerome K Jerome(1859-1927)


Rugs and Pugs said...

Growing up we never had A/C, but now I am spoiled! It is broken in my car and it's like driving in an oven :(
Keep cool.
Hugs :)

Nellie said...

Love the suggestions for keeping cool. Of course, here in our part of the country, the air conditioning has been at work for several weeks. Even in the car!:-)

Nancy said...

Here in SW Ok we'd die without ac. I would anyway. ;) I like that quote at the end. Reminds me of something I thought today. "I don't want to spend the rest of my life fighting a losing battle with the wind and heat, trying to get anything to grow, let alone just live outside. :/ At least we don't have humidity so I guess that's a plus. Try to stay cool!

Julia said...

I love your way of beating the heat. The screened porch sound so nice.

I came in drenched from humidity and sweat and
took a nice cool shower and I made a tall cold glass of lemonade without sugar of course and stuck a straw in it and I'm sipping my thirst away. I put on my baby doll pyjamas and put on a fresh bed linen on my bed and i'm ready for the sand man.


yaya said...

It's been very warm and muggy here too. The mosquitoes are terrible this year! I need that screened in porch..although the gazebo we put up on the deck does have screening. I'm hoping for a little cool down by Sat. for our Granddaughter's party here at the Pines....OH, we do have AC...Jack would not get through summer without it!

Ronda Walker said...

Hope the weather cools off for you soon. We couldn't survive without air conditioning, well we could but it wouldn't be pretty. Starting Thursday it's going to be over 100 degrees for at least ten days, because of the heat we get cabin fever in the summer.

Judy said...

I grew up like that--no air, but I think nowadays with the climate change, summers just seem hotter, for more days, then they used too. So---I am glad to have A/C in this place. But any chance I get, when the humidity drops, the windows and doors come open and the ceiling fan is on.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Cathy, I hear ya, sweltering humid weather here in Winnipeg air either, just fans.....Love the flowers, so pretty, Keep Cool, Francine.

Balisha said...

I've been hearing the peepers too. Hope they don't drown because of all the rain :)

svelteSTUFF said...

Our lightening bugs were out in full force 8-)

DH goes inside and soaks up the AC while I sit on the porch " 'cause it's TOO COLD inside!!"

Mugwump Woolies said...

We are in hot and humid mode here in sunny Florida. After living here a few decades, I have adapted...reluctantly. A.C. is a most down here, but my mother grew up in Florida and lived without it many years. I can't even get my head around that!