Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Very Hot Weekend

We were in the 90's this weekend which is so crazy as we had the fireplace going
just a few days ago because of the rain and cold made the house so cold.
We went out to dinner to a beach bar this is the scenery from our table. Not a bad place 
to beat the heat.

We hadn't seen Miss B in a few weeks. So we went to Story Land yeah!!!!
This would be Pepe and Miss B in peter the pumpkin eater's house.

and this would be Daddy going for a ride in the flying shoe.
It was so hot we got there at opening and left after lunch.
My daughter had made lunch and stored it in old mother Hubbard cupboard.
A very fun day! I think my husband and my son in law had the most fun with water cannons.
There will be a return trip for sure.
We had a bad storm go through and the temps have dropped 30 degrees
in an hour. The relief is so good though much better sleeping tonight.
Have a great week.


Rugs and Pugs said...

This weather sure has been crazy!!! Glad you are getting some relief from the heat. It's too early to be that hot.
Miss B is just too cute!!!
Pug hugs :)

Kim said...

Maybe it's just the pumpkin house, but Miss B looks like she is going to be tall. She's growing like a weed - a sweet weed :)

Judy said...

Weather is sure weird this year. We have been hot and humid and today it was cold enough for a jacket, BUT the good news--it is suppose to be pleasant all week--if you can believe the weatherman, LOL. I loved taking my g-kids to those story land places--I always had as much as they did.

Julia said...

It's so nice that you got to get away to a nice scenic place to eat.

The temperatures have been crazy here too. My husband filled up the wood box as it was so cold and damp in the house and the next day we were roasting with the windows open. Weird and wacky weather isn't it!

Oh what a cute pumpking house and Pepe is such a good sport to accompany Miss B. to lunch in the pumpkin. She's so adorable. She is growing so fast.

Have a great week of summer I hope.

yaya said...

Our temps have cooled too and I'm loving it...and the rain too. Looks like a charming place to be with Miss B! Glad you had a nice weekend!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, your weather hot, ours cool, hard to believe it was June........Looks like so much fun, Miss B is so cute, Francine.

Nellie said...

Looks like great fun with Miss B!

What crazy weather we seem to be having all across the country. I am no fan of the nineties!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Wasn't the weather insane this past weekend, especially compared to Memorial day!!!

Love the photos!!!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Story Land looks like a blast. I'm sure there is nothing better that spending time with your little Miss B!
Thanks for sharing,
Erica :)

Mugwump Woolies said...

Looks like a fun day! We are cloudy here and expecting storms coming up from the Caribbean....always scary this time of year for Floridians!
Have a great day!

CraveCute said...

Your weather is much like ours. One day cold the next hot! I am freezing right now in my basement. Your pics are cute as can be!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey how are you? Been thinking of you wondering how life was treating you.
I can't believe you had 90 temps this early. Wow your right there with us. I am already dreading summer isn't that terrible.
Love these pictures of your fun day.
Like you I love my days with my grand babies.
So glad I came by for a visit tonight. I have missed you.

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a cute place.Miss B is so darling, Hugs Cheri