Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Lovely 24 Hours

As soon as I got out of work we headed for the beach.
We ate Lobster and watched the sunset. In the beautiful salt air.

We each had two lobsters and were they yummy!

Then Saturday morning we headed to Hampton Beach in NH for the sand 
sculptures. I made a big mistake and kept my camera on
video. So each one is second or two but you will get a feel for the
amazing detail.

This was my favorite, in the giant's hand is a man, and that man in holding a man.
and you can see the big hand coming out of the sand that must hold him.
Great imagination. 

This was the sculpture announcing the contest.

This is sideways but last night we took an amazing walk on the beach with
the giant moon and the tide coming in it sounds and looks beautiful.
It was a quick trip, we had a great time with our sweet friends.
and as I was leaving to go I was sitting in a kitchen chair. I turned and 
there goes my back! I have never had back issues except when I was pregnant 
30 years ago. So some motrin, ice, and a understanding husband
I made it home and I am sitting on the porch at home with my feet up and my book.
I hope this passes soon not fun.
Welcome to my new follower!


SUZI said...

WOW the sculptures were great
thanks for posting

Primitive Stars said...

Oh no Cathy, that's terrible..I also have a bad back and sometimes sneezing puts it out....Hope you feel better real soon....Looked like a lovely time too, great pictures, Francine.

Nellie said...

Oh, no! I am so sorry about your back! That was not an appropriate souvenir to bring back with you.:-(

Wonderful lobster and amazing sand sculpture! Along with a good time with friends, and that is a recipe for a marvelous week-end!

Kim said...

Ooh, lobsters on the beach .... Perfect way to end the week. Except the back. I hope it feels better soon. Back pain is the worst.

Julia said...

Oh cathy, those sand sculptures video are short but are so stunning. So much talent.

That lobster has my mouth watering. Seafood is one of my favorite thing to eat. It looks delicious...

So sorry about your back. I did the same thing getting out of bed one morning a few years back and I had difficulty going to the bathroom and getting dressed. My husband had to help me walk, it was so painful. It passed but wasn't fun.
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Judy said...

OHMYGOSH--I so love Lobster--and you got to have TWO? Lucky. The sand sculpture is fabulous--I have never seen any. Is Motrin an anti-unflammatory? That is why you need--not just a pain pill and ice--the best thing for it. You have tweaked something in your back and it is inflammed and will take awhile for it to calm down. DO NOT lift anything heavy. Nice to live on the East Coast where you can go from one state to another one in a matter of a couple hours. Here--if I wanted to venture to the Upper Peninsula--to see Lake Superior--it might take up to 10 hours just to get there. In fact, when my daughter lived in Boston--I could get there quicker then going from here to Houghton, Michigan. LOL Take it easy now--okay?

Rose H (UK) said...

What wonderful sculptures Cathy :o)
I've seen some in the UK and was knocked out by the detail and imagination..
Sorry to read about your back problems - hope the rest will quickly go a long way to the cure.
Very best wishes to you both.
Rose H

Saundra said...

Sand sculptures amaze me. At our eastern shore beaches they have sand sculpting contests too and it is wonderful to watch these artists working with such granular equipment, shovels and to get the detail. Thanks for sharing, it's been a while since I enjoyed the sculptures.


From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

We were just at Hampton two weeks ago. We ate at the Beach Plum in Rye. The best lobster roll I ever had. I felt so bad about your back. I have a bad back and it goes out at least once a year so I have much sympathy for you.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Amazing sand sculptures! I visited Hampton Beach many years ago and indulged in several lobsters too...yum. Hope your back is feeling better soon, in the meantime, sit back and be pampered.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fabulous 24 hours! WOW! Enjoy your day my friend and all of the memories you made! Sweet hugs!

Stacy said...

What a nice weekend. Too bad you don't live closer to Yaya's hubby who is a great back-cracker!

Hope you feel better soon.

yaya said...

What yummy looking lobster! Those sculptures were amazing too...what a nice trip. I hope your back is better soon and I wish you lived near us since my hubby in a Chiropractor and would have your back feeling great in no time...(he does have magic hands!)

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm glad you had a great time, early starts can be so delightful! Your back, I hope will soon be better, these things can happen in such a sudden and anoying way but the good news seems to be that they usually get better pretty fast.

~marci~ said...

We happened to be at the beach the same time the 'sand sculpturers' were doing their stuff~what a fun experience. So sorry about your back! I have a knee that likes to do that~so i have to be careful walking.I understand what you are going through.

Pat said...

It does sound like a lovely 24 hours. Lobster on the beach and a walk in the moonlight. Sorry to hear it ended up with a back problem.

Willow said...

Sounds comfy to be on your porch with your feet up soon as we get your back better it would be ...soon I hope. Relax and Well Wishes,

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