Sunday, November 25, 2012

On To Christmas!

I thought I would do a bit of decorating today. This is 
my ornament hangers. Oh yeah off to a good start.

The painting my husband purchased off a old guy
that had no money for about 80.00. We had no money ourselves we had just
purchased our first house, we were young and money was tight. But I guess David
felt he needed it more than we did. I now really love it we have had it at least 35 years.
Very folk art feeling.

Decorating isn't the only thing I have been doing. I have been busy hooking.
This is the pattern in Rug Hooking Magazine this month.
I made a few changes. I chose a lamb instead of a horse.
and I tried to make Santa rounder. I am waiting to get some back ground around the starts to decide if
I like them or not. I am hand cutting the strips for the tree and the background I will be glad
when I get better at that I am slow and crooked. Santa's beard and the fluff on his hat and cuffs is wool roving.

And what would a weekend be without some dump picking.
These have the tags on them made in the USA.
lead crystal. We have several yankee swaps, these with a bottle of wine
from one of the NH wineries sounds like a good gift to me.
David has so much Christmas spirit he has been running round outside putting lights on any
thing that doesn't move. The big problem he bought the lights last year at a close out sale
and not many match. So it looks a bit like the circus has come to town.
I say let him go he had a tough Christmas last year. (but oh my beautiful saltbox house)
The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.
Fred Astaire


Larkrise garden girl said...

What a pretty picture. Everything looks so nice and festive. I thought the first picture was a birds nest.LOl Hugs Cheri

Mary Ann said...

Loved this post, and loved your bargain painting, I'd say you got the better of the deal. My ornament hangers look like that, too!

Amber Rose said...

I laughed so hard at your ornament hooks.
I got got a little sniffy that your husband was so kind, and the painting is so beautiful.
I got confused at your crafting because I am soooo bad at it.
All in all...Great post!

Amber Rose said...

I laughed so hard at your ornament hooks.
I got a little sniffy with your painting story. Good hubby!

Great post...I laughed, I cried, what more can you ask?

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Cathy, I love the painting, sweet Hubby bought it even thought times were tough, now you have wonderful memories......your ball of hooks look like mine...yuk..we're to start......pretty glasses, can't believe a dump find, people??? Enjoy your lights....Blessings Francine.

annie said...

love the quote!
Go David!
On Lamby!
Have a great week!

Nellie said...

It sounds like you are off to a wonderful start for your decorating. The ornament hangers remind me of my own.:) Isn't it a blessing that your husband feels so much better this year?

Julia said...

Well you have a good start with the fireplace being decorating and David is decorating the outdoors. I bet that it looks just fine. I'm so happy for him to be in the Christmas spirit.

I would love to see a picture of the lights when they are lit at night.

I love that painting and it must be worth much more that $80. bucks.

So your ornament hooks are a bit tangled but you can get it straighten them up over a nice cup of coffee or wine. By the way, those wine glasses are very nice.
Happy decorating.


yaya said...

I love that painting...and 80 bucks thirty-five years ago was alot of money! But your hubby has a good heart and I bet that gentleman was thrilled. You have a treasure in the painting..a treasure called: a good memory. I'm guessing your home will look great at night with all the lights. It's a time to celebrate and David has the right idea! Love the rug hooking too...I collect Santas so it's a winner in my book!

Susan Freeman said...

Love the painting you two purchased when you were young and living on a shoe string. What a treasured possession and memory. When you figure out a way to get those ornament hangers untangled, let me know because mine are a mess too.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Kim said...

Well, I'm thrilled he has all that Christmas spirit. But I'm giggling because I'm imagining Chevy Chase in that movie!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Love your rug -- the stars are great. And I'm glad David feels so good. Sarah

Judy said...

I am soooooo happy David feels good this Christmas!! The rug is adorable and the crystal goblets--stunning!!!

moosecraft said...

There is a famous painter in the New England area whose paintings go for big bucks. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you have a million dollars sitting on your mantel right now? lol!

moosecraft said...

...and please... share some pics of your home and yard all lighted up for Christmas! :-)

Gayle said...

Love the changes you've made on the Santa rug pattern - hope you'll share more photos as it progresses!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh honey I am so glad David is decorating everything that doesn't move. lol You both deserve a better Christmas this year.
Your rug is just so awesome. Dang I wish I lived close to you so you could teach me how to do this.
Tought of you on Thanksgiving.
Take care dear friend

DearHelenHartman said...

I totally adore the story of the painting. Pretty pics. And am going to have to use that Fred Astaire quote someday, just being polite and letting you know what I'm stealing.

Dianne said...

Love the Santa-lamb rug and so glad that David is now up to decorating everything in sight!

camp and cottage living said...

You're really off to a good start with your decorating.
What a blessing that David is able this year to be a part of it all!
I love the picture story-you've got to pass that down through the generations!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I say any lights are better than no lights. I applaud his Christmas spirit. Your painting is lovely.