Sunday, November 4, 2012


We lost power for 38 hours and oh what fun NOT! By the third morning
I had a melt down poor David went out and borrowed a generator. He got it all
hooked in and the power came back 3 hours later. We are so much more blessed then what happened in New York.We have a northeaster coming by Midweek
so we have kept the borrowed generator for awhile.

So lookie where we went yesterday!!! Oh yeah and I was very very good I bought only
some linen to draw a rug on and some weavers cloth to try needle punch again.
We went to a mansion on Lake sunapee that was decorated for Christmas it was a lovely home
 I was told to come back for the summer the gardens are wonderful.
It was owned by President Lincoln's secretary, he was at Lincoln's death bed.
I was not allowed to take pictures sorry.

I get Maryjane's magazine, this month came it had bread baked in cast iron frying pans
So since I was making beef stew tonight I thought I would give it a try. I will say this is the first
bread I will bake again and again. It was so good. David ate 2 big chunks of it.

Look who came to visit today! I have no idea where he or she came from.
She stayed and stayed and is now perched in a bush by our driveway.
Now I am sitting here worrying about this chicken.:(
Guess who I saw today? for those of you who remember Courtney from sassafras and winterberry
She is taking a law course and is on several committees. But hopes to get back to blogging soon. She is still hooking though.
You all touched my heart so much with all of your wonderful comments
David read them all and is very thankful for each of them.
I have a simple philosophy. Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.
Alice Roosevelt Longworth(1884-1980)


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Cathy......glad the power is back on finally....pray not another storm goes so sad the people affected by Sandy........That cast iron bread looks so yummy.......Also pray that little chicken stays safe.....wonder where it came from????? Stay safe......Blessings Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy to hear your power has been restored! Time to get your own generator???
What fun to take a trip to the Dorr Mill Store and to visit a mansion decorated for the holidays.
What an unusual chicken!
LOVE today's quote.
Hugs :)

Kim said...

38 wonder you flipped out. You went to Dorr?? So jealous. I'm going to get there one day if I even remember to send my passport application.

Nellie said...

Do you have neighbors who have chickens like this one? How odd for one of those to show up around here!

We are so dependent on electricity! We do have a gas cook top, so we could prepare food - as long as the refrigeration kept it from spoiling.

Good idea to hold onto the generator with the next weather system that is coming.:(

Stay safe, and keep warm!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cathy, what a lovely little banty,could you possibly put her/him in Sadie's carrier and bring her in for the evening? I'm sorry I am just a crazy chicken lady, I can't help myself. Your bread looks simply delicious! Please, not another storm. Glad you bumped into Courtney. Have a good evening Julie.

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

The bread looks really good! I don't like not having electric. Looks like fun going to Dorr!

annie said...

No fun losing power, hope you never do again! Bet the store and the mansion are wonderful places to go. Now I am worrying over the chicken too! :) Yes, I missed Courtney, hope to see her again soon! Blessings to you both!

Pat said...

Glad your power came back on...I was worried that we might be out for days but the electric only flickered a couple of times. My daughter, the one with the two children, was without electric for 5 days...they moved in with her mother-in-law for those days.

yaya said...

I hope that you don't lose electric again. The coast has been battered enough! I'm thinking that bread looks amazing and a recipe would be awesome! The shop you pictured looks so fun! I know that most places like that won't let people take pics. I had the same thing happen to me only it was a grocery store that said no pics...seriously?

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a fancy chicken,So pretty!

Sweet Tea said...

I am so happy to read that you have electricity again and that things are back to normal in your area.
I love the quote!!

BumbleBeeLane said...

I think hubby would have the melt down before me with no electric.LoL..I could read and bake and keep myself busy.Makes you thankful for something we take for granted though.I love that sheep sign for the shop.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Mugwump Woolies said...

So glad you are up and running again. Looks like a fun place to visit ...Dorr Mill! Have a recipe for bread in cast iron pot and now that I've seen how great your's turned out will definitely give it a try.
Hope you have a better week...

Dianne said...

Glad you two weathered the storm and I hope the next one "blows over" without a big scene! Love the bread in the cast iron pan - that looks scrumptious!

Julia said...

Sorry about your ordeal with the lost of power. I hope that everything will soon be back to normal with the power.

I only dream of going to the Door Mill some day.

I'm glad that you ran into Courtney. I've been worried about her since she hasn't blogged in a long time but good for her for taking on a Law course. That girl is smart.

That poor silkie chicken must have flown the coop. It's getting cold and she'll need some shelter. Someone must be missing her.

Take care .


jennifer768 said...

Glad your power is back on ...after 38 hours I'd have flipped out too.Sweet little chicken ,looks like a bantam.Wow but that bread looks so yummy.Will have to try and find the recipe.Hugs,Jen

WendyBee said...

Hi Cathy, we lost power too, but for a little shorter time, 30 hours. The hard part is knowing when or whether to give in. What to do with the food in the freezer. Whether to bring in some firewood, and get a fire started. Whether to go to the YMCA for a shower when the power could come on while you're gone.
I was really touched by your last post, about David, and his brave battle for the last year, and more. I love to hear of people's triumphs in the face of a formidable adversary.
What story will your rug tell?

Judy said...

I wouldn't have lasted that long without flipping out!! Glad all is right in your world now. Again--so happy for David's recovery--many happy years ahead!!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your sweet blog & am enjoying it so much! Even tho' I'm new, I will dare to ask a favor :) Would you be so kind & share the skillet bread recipe you liked so well?
Many thanks! Juliana