Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Baby It's Icy Out There

It is raining and freezing as it hits. We are snuggled in with the lights on and the fireplace crackling, listening to Christmas music hoping we don't lose power.                                                                                                                                       
A couple of days ago I got a few magazines and what else but a Christmas movie at the library.
So since we have no where to go I am copying recipes I may want to try and enjoying being home.

Today we were suppose to be in Boston very early again for an appointment, the office called and needed to reschedule us for tomorrow. This morning there were roll overs and highway shut downs right at the time we would have been there. I do believe we have a higher power looking out for us and I am counting my blessings.
I  ask that you keep a very little child in your prayers that was so abused that they are not sure if they will survive. My daughter has a very close friend that is in child services, they called her for this case. This strong young woman asked to be taken off as the abuse was so bad and she has a child just months difference in age from this child, she could not handle the details. While I am not a vindictive person I feel that the abuse you give a child should be given to you as the punishment, jail is to kind.

Sorry on a lighter note I hope you are all enjoying the last days before Christmas and celebrating  the winter solstice that means we start gaining a bit of light each day now that makes me very happy. The worse part of winter for me is the darkness.

Live each season as it passes; breathe air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each. Let them be your only diet drink and botanical medicines.
     Henry David Thoreau


jennifer768 said...

So glad that you still have power! Our weather is in the 60's today.So very sad to hear about the child being abused ,will be praying! Hope that you have a safe and Merry Christmas! Christmas Blessings,Jen

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Have a safe journey tomorrow to Boston. Hopefully the weather will be better than today!
Oh that poor child! No helpless child deserves that kind of life.
Yeah for the days getting longer!!!
Merry Christmas!
Hugs :)

Cathy G. said...

I think someone IS watching over you! Hope the roads clear up before you have to go tomorrow!
It makes me sick when I hear or see child abuse or women being abused. It's more than one can bear so I really feel for those case workers.
Yay for gaining a bit of light!
Happy winter solstice..... love Thoreau.
Cathy G

Donna said...

Such a hard story Cathy. I think I'd have to be taken off the case too...before I did something that I would be sorry for. i can't stand bad things doen to children or animals. Even the Bible says, "better that a millstone...."

Glad you go to postpone your Boston trip...hope you get to have a quiet holiday!!!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Glad you were postponed. We went to school today...I think they would have had a delay...but didn't realize. I braked down the hill from my house to Rt. 125...without touching the gas once. One teen rode off the road...putz! But, he was ok...and it gave me a chance to pull over and let the 16 cars behind me go by...LOL
I'm such a virgin in this north weather travel...
Hope all goes well in Boston! Keep me posted! Have a wonderful Christmas!
love ya!

Julia said...

Oh Cathy, it always saddens me to hear about child abuse. I just can't comprehend how anyone can harm a child for what ever reason. I pray that this child will heal by the grace of God. I'll keep this child in my prayers for complete healing of physical and emotional scars.

I'm sorry that your trip has been canceled but better be safe than sorry. We are having rain here too. I was going to town but will have to wait till tomorrow.

Take care and stay warm and cosy for the night. Tomorrow is another day.

Yeh! Looking forward for the days getting longer. Hugs. JB

Balisha said...

So glad you didn't have to travel in that weather. Much nicer to be home and cozy by the fire. Sounds perfect. I noticed the book Simple Abundance in with your magazines. I have that one too and really enjoy reading it each year. Have a Merry Christmas.

yaya said...

Stay safe and warm. I hope the weather improves for you..we've been lucky so was in the upper 50's today..the last day of Autumn! I love the cardinal pic on you previous post. It looks like a painting! I cannot stomach the cruelty that adults do to little ones. God will take care of the little one..and the one who hurt them...

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I'm so happy your stayin' in where it's safe and warm sweetie.

Oh, how my heart sank when I read about the abused child. There is just not much worse in my book!!! Know my thoughts and healin' prayers are with 'am. Sooooo sad!

I do wish you and your precious family a very wonderfully bright and beautiful Christmas!


Dianne said...

Glad you were rescheduled and not out there on that icy day! Sounds peaceful, warm and cozy sitting by the fire there.

I will definitely keep this little one in my prayers. I spent ten years as a child psych RN working with emotionally disturbed, abused children. Heartbreaking until finally I could take no more. I understand how that social worker felt.

Hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!

annie said...

Praying for the child, no words, no words.

Hope all goes well for the visit, glad you were not caught in the difficulties.

camp and cottage living said...

Oh, it's so hard to hear about child abuse. My husband always says he hates to see what their punishment will be on judgement day
On a cherrier note, I love your lamp!
Merry Christmas!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh I hated reading about the children being abused. I am been thinking I should consider working for them but I don't know if my heart and Ms Pearl could survive it.
Reading about the Boston area made me cold and I grabbed my blanket. lol
We are having warm days and then cooler ones. Never know what our next day will be.
The worse part of winter is the darkness especially when your only companion is a mixed up crazy cat named Tinkerbell.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Dog Trot Farm said...

That was some slick driving, I had to peel my hands of the steering wheel! How glad I am to hear that David continues to do well. Merry Christmas to you and yours and Best Wishes in the New Year. Julie.