Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tale of Two Toppers

Yesterday was stressful! While at the Dr's appointment a man hit my car in the parking lot. It wasn't bad and he left a note. He was in getting chemo so how bad did I feel! After a fight with the health insurance company we decided to celebrate my Birthday a couple of days early and go out to dinner. This is husband looking out over the water watching the boats while waiting for our table.                                                                                       
                                                                              This was our view from our table outside. It was so relaxing and wonderful. wine and pasta who could be stressed after that?                                                                                                                                                         

 Our weather has been wonderful high 70's low 80's and no humidity. we couldn't ask for better with a bit of rain thrown in. My tomatos are just starting to turn red. My basil is growing like crazy so I have been making pesto to freeze for the winter. But holy pine nuts what is going on with the price of these??? I know I can use walnuts but it is just not the same.
 I have a small bathroom with a small window so a curtain was an issue. I need it for privacy in the winter but like the look for the summer also. So I bought a topper with the plan to make a stripe piece to go with it. well the stripe piece never got done a year or more later I find another topper same fabric. but a tab topper. voila! I have a curtain perfect for the bathroom and it came from the thrift store.(I have the bottom a little higher to let the air in)
My daughter is not feeling well, I was going to spend time with Miss Baby but she was to sick to go out with her sweet husband. I hope it is only a virus couldn't take any more big sickness.
Well if you have stuck with me this long God Bless! lots of whinning so I will close with a quote.
If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it. _____Erma Bombeck :0)


Dog Trot Farm said...

Happy Birthday, I am happy to read you and your beloved were able to enjoy a special evening out. BTW Who did not love Erma Bombeck! I hope your daughter is on the mend soon, whatever I had last evening hit with a vengeance. I have to tell you I sent hubby to the store to pick me up some fruit, cherries were on my list. When he returned and was looking over the receipt we realized two pounds of cherries totaled $12.49! Needless to say while I was out on my walk he returned them to the store! This week cherries are on sale LOL.

Stacy said...

What a great view to end a stressful day.

yaya said...

I love Erma and also that quote! I hope your hubby is feeling a little better. I'm glad you were able to celebrate at that beautiful place. Happy Birthday! I think your tomatoes look wonderful. I have a bunch that are nice and big and still green. I'm wishing for them to hurry and ripen. I love your curtains. Patience pays off!

Kathy said...

Hello there, thanks for your comment over on my blog. We've had a pretty awful time with the car recently, and oh my word, the expense!!! But hey ho, it's only money ... and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter. I've been reading back over some of your posts, and I can see you've both had a huge problem to deal with. My illness last year taught me what's important in life, and it's certainly not money or things!
Wishing you both well ... love Kathy xxx

Pat said...

Lovely shot of the lake...beautiful weather and that view...a birthday gift just for you. Too bad you didn't get to watch Miss Baby. Watching my grandson on Tuesdays are the bright spot in my week.
Happy Birthday!

Tiggeriffic said...

LOved reading your post.. What a wonderful place to eat.. the view from there was so relaxing.
I have never heard of Natalie McMaster but I plan on looking her up.. wonder of she os on youtube..
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Larkrise garden girl said...

I hope Miss Baby stays healthy! Have a nice weekend Cheri

Kim said...

There are better days ahead for you. That was a beautiful view over the water. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.
(and yes, the price of pine nuts is ridiculous )

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! It looks like you and hubby had a lovely dinner! What a gorgeous view. Water is just so calming. I hope all was well with the dr's appointment :)
I do hope your daughter is feeling better.
Home grown tomatoes. YUMMO!
Pug hugs ;)

Sunny Simple Life said...

Don't apologize. You are going through one of life's most draining stressful times. Vent if you need to/ We are here for you. It looks lovely where you live.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Happy early Birthday! Have a blast!

Cathy G. said...

First off, Happy Birthday! I think you should celebrate for a week or longer like some do on the other blogs! You're off to a good start there!

Your hubby looks so handsome and serene there watching the boats on the water! Fabulous scene! Being near the water is a healing environment.
I have been wanting to make pesto too as my basil is really growing strong! I hear you on the pine nuts! As soon as something is declared healthy they raise the price to unreachable for the working poor! LOL!
Nice curtains!
Hope daughter is feeling better soon. It's got to be difficult taking care of Miss baby while not feeling well..... and Grandma stresses a lot too!
Hang tough and take Erma's advice..... she usually nails it!
p.s. Had to add that I think my comment is longer than your blog post tonight...... must be the antibiotics!

The Barn Door said...

Wow what a gorgeous view that was! Hope your daughter feels better soon and that Miss Baby doesn't get sick! Send some of that wonderful weather you are having to the midwest!

Rachel said...

Man! Yesterday sounds terrible!! Glad your car wasn't too bad. Happy Birthday early! :) What an amazing view from your table! Hope the rest of your week goes better! Take care!

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about the car, but I'm sure that lovely view and the meal helped. Oh how pretty! I'd love to be sitting there right now and enjoying that view.
Happy Birthday in advance. I hope it's your best one yet.
I'll say a prayer for your daughter to have a speedy recovery.
Love your little bathroom curtains. See, if you wait long enough you find what you need.LOL!
I agree with Erma! You know scripture says a cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine.
You remain in my prayers.

Til next time...
God bless you as you celebrate the day you were born.
P.S. Please have a tomato sandwich, sit on your porch, enjoy the nice weather, and THINK OF ME. I'm just a wee bit envious. LOL!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Happy, happy Birthday! What a great view that restaurant has. I'm glad you both were able to enjoy a nice evening out. I hope that both your husband and daughter feel better soon.
I love to make pesto too. And you're right, the pine nuts make a difference. Next year I'll be growing my own, but for this year...I'll have to go to the grocery. I have a great chicken dish I put frozen Tbls. of pesto into.

Take good care. You continue to be in my prayers.

Alyssa said...

A happy birthday to you!!! That stinks about the collision, but on the bright side, it could be a lot worse, right? Your husband looks great and is that Winnipesaukee that you're on? I never spell it right! lol! Anywhooo, hope your daughter is feeling better. You will be in my prayers ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

moosecraft said...

Happy Birthday! Wine, pasta, that view and a date with your hubby! Sounds like the bestest celebration ever! :-)

Rose H (UK) said...

Don't worry and stress about a little thing like the car - if it drives it's fine! Hope David got some good news, and sorry that you have to fight the health insurance company - I know the National Health Servie in the UK is going through one of it's many cut backs, but thank goodness for it.
I sincerely hope you have a lovely birthday Cathy, but what a swell place to celebrate early!
As for moaning - believe me - you DON'T.
Hope the weekend is good for you both, hugs and best wishes to you both xx

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

happy birthday, my sweet friend...

so happy i could stop by today..was out visiting my favorite people and YOU are on the list !!!

i have you in my heart and have all of us here with you !!!

sending love and comfort to you today....


GardenOfDaisies said...

Pine nut prices really are crazy! That looks like a wonderful place to have dinner. What a gorgeous lake view!!!!

Saundra said...

Happy Birthday and what a beautiful view overlooking the water. Oh yum but I do love pesto; and those gorgeous tomatoes. That is the one thing I will miss terribly when summer is over ~ fresh juicy ripe red 'maters.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Happy Birthday Cathy. The view for your dinner was beautiful. Sorry about the car incident at the hospital. Doesn't it always seem when you are nervous and scared about something and not quite yourself small things that happen seem overwhelming. Take care and enjoy the weekend. I hope you hit the mother load if you go thrifting.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Happy Birthday dear friend. So glad you were able to enjoy your dinner with your sweet hubby.
Been thinking of you a lot lately wondering how you were holding up with all the stress.
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me words of encouragement. I so appreciate you.
I now must catch up with you while I am lucky enough to be on line.
Hope by now your daughter is feeling much better