Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ridding Out The Storm and You Opinion

This is the waterfall in Meredith NH the night before the storm I think they were trying to lower the small lake before we got this rain.                                                          I picked blackberries before the rain came now I have a couple of quarts in the freezer for the winter.

 For the past few days my brother has been here from Mississippi. We took him kayaking which he enjoyed.
 and we had lobsta yummmm
 and steamers oh yummmm
 Husband showed him how to run the tractor.
We live in the woods there isn't much for cell phone service in our whole town. We enjoy just being home. When the lights when out from the storm I thought my brother would go crazy of course Internet is out and his deluxe cell phone doesn't work well. I asked him if he wanted to pay Yahtzee he played but kept saying it is boring. He told me that I am in the minority most people need the modern conveniences of technology. He lives in a major city in Mississippi near the casinos. He is also 13 years younger than I am. So your opinion dear blog friends do you have your cell phone in your hand most of the day or on your person. How often do you get on the computer (I am guilty of this). Is it our ages and time of our lives? I love my brother very much but our lifestyles couldn't be more different.
Don't hurry,don't worry.You're here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers......Walter Hagen


Kim said...

I'm guilty. Not so much the blackberry (because it's a work phone) but computer and tv. I did charge up all the gadgets last night just in case we lost power.
Those lobster and clams look so good. I can almost feel the melted butter dripping down my chin.
Kim :)

Leontien said...

It is always very important to stop and smell the flowers no matter how fast pace your life is.

Thanks for the reminder!

Larkrise garden girl said...

As usual love your reporting on what's going on in your neck of the woods. I love the computer but I don't use a cell phone except for an emergency on the road.I think most people don't know how to entertain them selves.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cathy, I will be the first to admit I love my computer. To me it holds a weath of information and is a wonderful learning tool, however I do not play games nor shop on it. Well, okay I admit I buy footwear from Zappos. I use a cell phone for emergencies, no text, no photos. I prefer to live in the world of the late Tasha Tudor, I do not need an ipad or iphone, okay maybe a new camera would be nice, you get my drift. Hope you are doing well, Hugs from Maine Julie.

Saundra said...

Hope you weathered the storm okay. And with such a bounty of delicious crustrations being celebrated I'm guessing you did.

Balisha said...

I can just imagine how "lost" some young people were during the storm...if they couldn't use their modern conveniences. I seldom see the young kids without a gizmo in their hands. Our little great grandson picked up a cell phone and knew what to do with it. My phone is just used the few phone calls that I make. I tried Facebook, but cancelled, because I didn't find that I used it enough. I don't tweet...I guess that I'm out of it. Some of my friends say it is the only way they can communicate with their kids. Balisha

Unknown said...

My cell phone is usually nearby, and I'm on the computer all day at work, then when I get home, I get on to visit the blogs. We are truly spoiled!

Have a great week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I'd be embarrassed to say how often I check my computer. WAY too many times a day :)
As for the cell phone, just recently have I become so dependent on it. If I forget it at home, I feel totally lost. It's funny because I am not much of a phone person, but I want it with me "just in case". About the only time my land line rings is when I get a call from a telemarketer or politician.
Pug hugs :)

Saundra said...

I'm from the age of having phones with cords... No cordless or even the concept of cell phones with pictures on it.

So No; I do not have my cell phone in hand all the time. I initially purchased it to carry in the car in case of an emergency.

Donna said...

Funny...these disasters bring out the basics in all of us. When we had a power outage a few winters ago, I was thrilled to be holed up with my hubby by the fire and just play cards by candlelight. It lasted about 2 hours and I too, was bored and cold. It was a LONG 24 hours.
This summer however, has brought me to my computer knees with too much work, aging parent in-laws and babysitting. I miss my computer and while I LOVE watching my grandchild, I am feeling a need to have some alone time deeply. I miss quiet time to
Good luck with your storm, hope you and family stays dry as well as your house! Enjoy your brother's visit... maybe he'll learn from this experience :-)!

Donna said...

I have NO cell phone...however I get on the computer 30 or so minutes a day. I am the only one I know with no cell phone. You don't miss what you never had..

Joanne said...

I have a cell but it's not with me very often as I'm not a "phone person" but my computer is on most of the day - if i'm home or not or even if I'm hooking, the laptop is on and beside me! We were without power 7-8 hours today and I missed the electric!

Rose H (UK) said...

HiCathy, hope you and yours are safe and sound after Irene.
To answer your question about cell phones - I've often had a text message for two days before I see it. My phone resides in my handbag so I would have it ready for an emergency, other than that I don't bother with it too much. Now the computer...a quilty secret! I spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME on the dratted thing - you should see the pile of magazines I'm trying to catch up with! I'm happy as a homebird and very contented with my life :o)

Sarah Pinault said...

I'm 30, we don't own cell phones, we have an old PC and I have a netbook for my writing. We lost power for nine hours yesterday, we napped, played with our son, visited grandparents, played card games by candlelight and read. The computer was turned on when we got power back to see how everyone we knew was, find out if work was canceled and let everyone know we are okay. It's a tool not a necessity, though some days I might answer differently!

yaya said...

I can't have a cell at work. It sits in my purse and I hardly ever use it. I bet I get about 2 calls a month on computer gets about an hour every day..sometimes I don't get on it at all..but I do like to keep up on the blogs and I pay bills and such with I do enjoy technology but can survive,as I found out this summer, without it!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I am addicted to my computer for email and this blog thing! It makes me feel connected, especially when I've had so many transitions lately. My cell has become the main phone since we moved. Before, I wasn't really sure where it was. We both use our very simple cell phones for all calls in and out. So much so, I'm thinking of canceling the home line. I don't have a Blackberry or anything like that, but now at work they are giving me an IPad to use. Teaching forces me to be somewhat tech savvy, but I'd rather have the simpler things in life. I'll play Yahtzee with you!

Stacy said..., tv and cell phone....although I don't use my cell phone at work. then I forget to take it with me most of the time on the weekend. I do however, know how to have unplugged, unwireless fun. I actually enjoy it.

Florida Farm Girl said...

I'm addicted to my computer and blogland but couldn't care less about the cell phone. I have one, but it stays in my purse and I miss most of the calls that come in on it. I hate seeing cell phones at everyone's ears all the time. And deliver me from teenagers and texts!!

moosecraft said...

I have a basic cell phone for emergencies... no text plan... we went about 40 hours without power because of Irene... and the only thing i missed was ice water as my refrigerator was not working well on the generator.

Tolentreasures said...

I am on the computer all day, but I get a lot of emails from customers and send a lot of business info that way. As for the cell phone, we don't have service within 10 miles of our little town, but JWS decided that we needed to buy boosters for at the house and at our business, now I have mine attached to me at all times. Our land line still rings though and I actually have an old dial desk phone on my painting table because I could not have any of the new phones or my cell phone on my shoulder and keep painting and that big old fashioned thing works great!
The grandchildren are a little confused about that dial thing though. Of course it does not work to call out!

Anonymous said...

Would gladly live without cell phone but the kids and hubby insist for safety driving alone at night. I'm with you I'd gladly live out in the country away from big city needs.
Glad you are doing well.

Til next time...God bless you.