Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Town Wide Sale

Thank you, thank you, to my new followers I am at 27 please take time to visit them. Thank you for the lovely comments on the island.
I did a little of a town wide yard sale this past weekend. the reason I didn't do much it was like bumper cars it was so crazy. But I did manage to get a few things. This quilted jacket is Eddie Bauer and is much darker brown in person.
I got a Vera Bradley purse I love the style. I will put it away for next summer.

A blue pig bank headed for my booth. He has some age not sure how old.

And of course I couldn't go to a single weekend with out getting some new books to add to my stash.

Saturday's plan is meet with a friend and do another town wide yard sale. I hope it's not as bad as last weekends. But I sure I hope I find a great sale and I am the first one there Ha wishful thinking.
I have a great hint. If you have some stains on your rugs take white vinegar and mix it with water (equal parts) and spray it and then rub it on the stain. It has been working for me so well. I heard this on HGTV. I had a few stains that carpet cleaner couldn't take out and voila gone.
have a great week.


Cathy G. said...

Good luck at the garage sales this weekend! Maybe one of these days I can start going to them again. I need to clear out a few things first! You really have a knack for picking up some cute things!
cathy g

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

That's a great Vera bag! Between my daughter and me we have...well, we have a lot of them, and I love finding them on sale! I even have "vintage" ones from their early days! Nice finds! Linda

Sarah Pinault said...

Oh Vera Bradley - how I wish I could find you at yard sales!