Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sweetest Light I Have Ever Seen

How do you know that you live in the country??? When you go to a yard sale and come home with these and brag about what a good deal it was. Sap buckets are everywhere I found this hand painted one for 4.00 and the garland with the red berries is much better than the picture, the flash washed them out.
Of course I am in major gramie mode so I found these things, the shop and play brand new. My daughter wants wooden puzzles so these will stay at gramies. a CD of Polar express. Which is very close to our hearts. every winter my husband takes his school class to be elves for the kids that ride the polar express to the north pole. I was an elf last year and it was so much fun. The kids are on the train half hour maybe, they are served hot chocolate and candy, then they arrive in the north pole. Where they see Santa and he gives them all a bell. the night I was there it was snowing and magic was in the air. So wonderful when the kids believe. I found this crib set it is the bumper,quilt and crib skirt. I thought it was what my daughter and her husband picked out but it is not the same. So I will resell this and get my money back.

But my best find of the day was a chandelier. I walked into the yard sale that was one big mass of stuffed animals. I scanned and found the sweetest light for 5.00. so this is what my kitchen looked like before. We built our house in the 80's so it had brass hanging lights. We just couldn't decide what we wanted to replace it with.

Now we know. Is that not the sweetest light for 5.00 you have ever seen?

It hangs over our bar and counter.
I want to welcome 2 new followers 29 now I know I repeat myself but holy cow,I am in awe.
I have a pork roast in the crock pot and I am going to make a batch of choc chip cookies.
(Ron I will save you some) Back to work tomorrow where does the weekends go??
Leave me a comment PLEASE I have such a little life it really makes me happy.
Have a great week!


Shara said...

I just baked a batch of Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Walnut Cookies. YUM! It is still hot here, but I want Fall to come badly!

~Love the light fixture!

Kim said...

I agree that is a great light. Homemade chocolate cookies are all I can think of now - but I am too lazy to bake any. Too funny about the comments - I get the same way. I almost do a cartwheel when I get a new follower!!

Cathy G. said...

That was a steal on that chandelier! It looks great! Congrats on your new followers! It's funny how the comments and followers make our day! When I see a blog that has 400 or more followers I think Wow! That person must really be fabulous! Maybe it's just all in the Marketing though! LOL
Cathy G

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
I, too, get excited with new followers and I just love receiving comments.
That chandelier was a terrific buy and it looks wonderful hanging over the counter. You done good, girlfriend.
Pug hugs :)

Kathleen said...

Love all your treasures, but I love the story of the trip to the North Pole. Sounds like a magical time those kids will remember!
I am a new follower and hope you will come visit me again. Nice to meet you!