Thursday, October 20, 2022

Are You Ready?

Fall is on the way out at Acorn Hollow and winter is knocking at the door. Our color is mostly gone, and the leaves are falling fast. 
As you can see some of my gardens need cleaning. I usually don't worry too much about that as I don't mind leaving them for the winter and do a cleanup in the spring.

I put new batteries in all of my flameless candles. Makes the house just a bit cozier. Remember I put power strips on all of our TVs so that they wouldn't draw power when we were not using them? The results are I saved about 9.00 a month. Our electricity has gone up by 75 percent, every bit helps. 

We had a wind storm a week or so ago and that meant a lot of smaller branches down so husband collected them and cut them to length to use in our woodstove or fireplace. I think it was a great idea! 

At the gift swap last weekend at the hook in, I got this mug among other wonderful things! It is a good reminder each morning to love the day I am in.
I have a 3-day rug camp next week and I will be working with a teacher. Very excited to learn something new in the world of rug hooking. 
The frost is surely on the pumpkin this morning we are 25 degrees, but the sun is shining and there is a promise of high 50's today another nice day ahead. 
have a great rest of your week! 



Marcia said...

Here at 8 am we are just at freezing. Maple leaves blanket the grass across the street and at our neighbors. Dan has kept ours raked into the flower beds there under the trees.

Saundra said...

Yup, winter knocked on my door and I've turned the heat on. As you said, leaves are falling fast. As for cutting back on electric...several years now I've unplugged my microwave oven until I use it, same with my coffeemaker since it has a clock on it. Also unplug two TVs when not in use. There is still one more TV which has DVR capabilities and am afraid if I unplug it or use a power strip it won't record my favorite shows. So that one stays plugged in.

Farm Girl said...

Well it sounds so cozy and it will be so nice. I will be glad when our air conditioner doesn't come on. It never normally runs in October. Its still running because we are still having warm days. I would love to be doing cozy like you are, though it makes me kinda sad that the color is gone from the trees.
Have a wonderful day, I love your cup.

Julia said...

With the heavy rain we had yesterday, all the leaves have fallen off the big maple tree in the front yard. My son has kept mowing the lawn often so there is no big accumulation of leaves in the front yard thanks goodness. It's been warm enough to leave a few windows opened this afternoon to air the house.
but it cools down fast once the sun goes down.

Have fun at your three-day getaway hooking class next week.


Jeanie said...

The upcoming rug camp sounds like great fun! Love your mug. We still have branches and color here but I suspect it will go soon. Who knows with up north -- so far ahead of downstate.

Donna said...

I am not ready for winter yet! I looking forward to hearing all about your class with Cathy.
Gosh I never did get to see your the mug.

Prims By The Water said...

Rain rain go away, but I dont want snow yet. Our Upper Peninsula had 2 feet the other day. UGH
Have fun at your hook in! We need to get wood soon as you are right the electricity bills and gas bills keep going up. Janice

WoolenSails said...

We are still getting areas that are turning, so nice that I can go to different areas each weekend to see foliage. The electric company finally came and put in a new cable so now they need to put in the new transformer so we can go totally solar.


yaya said...

The weather was wet and chilly this week but today it was in the 60's and the weekend promises to be 70. We're getting the wood area cleaned up and ready for some wood delivery and space for the wood Jack and boys will cut from our woods to warm us and hopefully cut the electric bill a bit. It usually does make a difference although it's more physical work...but that's a good thing for our health too! So am I ready? Well, not quite. The snowblower isn't working and will be in the shop soon and the gator needs some work too. We're getting there I guess! I doubt winter will wait or care if we're behind! Have a good weekend and I love, love, love, your beautiful home! Looks so warm and cozy!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Thank you for noticing my dryer ball question!!! I am getting some wool ones. Looking forward to using them.

Gentle hugs

Rugs and Pugs said...

Gorgeous day here in northern Ohio ~ low 70's and sun!!!
Have a blast at class. I love taking classes!!!