Sunday, February 10, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

I got this off Pintrest, I have a whole box of antique Valentines I have yet to dig out.

I have been hooking away on my stair risers.

But this weather is making my hands so dry and cracked. So I am using lots of lotion and drinking lots of hot water and lemon. Winter skin hurts.
We have been cold but sunny all weekend, of course a big storm coming in on Tue night this week ick!

We had sweet B for over night this weekend. She loves the statues in the next town and we found two that she had not seen. My little unicorn is posing with the dancer sculpture in the background

Not sure this will play but it is a piece of sculpture too. Each time the wind blew it changes and makes a wonderful sound.
It was pretty windy this weekend so we stood in the cold longer than we should just watching this!

Sweet B is reading Harry Potter with her mother and she is so into magic. Pepe had a couple of tricks to show her and she loved it! She tried to master them before she left for home.

While they were playing in the kitchen I noticed how dirty my cupboard fronts were so after we dropped off B I went to work cleaning.
I found the kit that came with the cupboards when they were installed. We touched up some nicks, I washed and dried them.
then I found a tiny of bottle of polish that came with them.
and bingo they look new!!!! Then I waxed the kitchen floor with wax I found under the sink after cleaning that out. (We are finally getting new faucets installed)
I haven't waxed a floor in 20 years but this 30 year old floor looks new again!
I am just an ok house keeper. I like it clean but oh other things call my name and I forget all about cleaning. sigh....
I have been trying to use up food and not throw out so much.
We are also eating out of the freezer more. I have a had a horrid issue with buying to many groceries and then we don't get to them all. Some ended up in the freezer and we never get back to them.
I will say I have done pretty well and have been pretty creative 
and my wallet is happier for it.  
Have a great week and Happy Valentine's day!


Farm Girl said...

I can't even imagine that cold. My hands are a mess and we aren't as cold as you are ever. I bet Miss B is loving Harry Potter.
Your cabinets look wonderful.
I like my house clean. I have been doing the same with my food too.
I hope you have a lovely week.

Julia said...

Your kitchen looks like new and so shiny. Mine needs some sprucing up and guess what, I'm just a so and so housekeeper also. At my age, I no longer care.

I hate to share this here but I feel that I have to. I just discovered a few days ago that Harry Potter and all the Harry Potter books by R.J. Rolling are based on the occult and witchcraft, and dark forces. The names that they invoke are real demons names and the language they use is also the language of witches and I'm afraid that they have saturated our young generation with this in the guise of entertainment. Every kid wants to be a wizard and do magic and cast spells but in reality, it's really the evil one creeping in unnoticed by the parents. I got this information on youtube. Don't take my word for it, You can check for yourself. Ex-Witch speaks out about Harry Potter Youtube. She turned away from witchcraft after having experienced the dark forces. It's scary stuff. My grandkids are all into Harry Potter and so are so many young people.

Your storm is heading this way after it leaves you.
Take care, Hugs, Julia

WoolenSails said...

It would be fun to see the old valentines and maybe some future rug ideas from them.
Looks like Miss B had fun on her over night, always great to spend time with the grandkids.
I am always cleaning, if I didn't, I could never keep up, and Bill cooks, so always having to clean up after him, lol.


Saundra said...

I usually get cracked thumbs and they hurt like crazy. I have Raynaulds syndrome and have to put my hands under very warm water to get blood flow to the fingers several times during the day. So am using a lot of lotion also.

I'm like Julia....I no longer care so am also a 'so-so' housekeeper.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Grands are THE best ;)
I use Okeeffe's Working Hands for my dry, hurting hands - comes in a small green tub.
It works like a charm !

Rugs and Pugs said...

If you run out of things to clean, you can come visit me 😊
Sweet pic of Miss B. She is growing up so fast.

Jennifer Gail said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too

moosecraft said...

Happy Valentine's Day to the whole bunch of ya'! :-) Always nice to visit your blog and see happy, smiling people! :-) LOVE that kitchen! Doesn't it feel great when it's all done and clean? I'm running out of stuff to try for dry hands....I'm thinking slathering on the vaseline and covering with socks during the night is a good deep condition....and then continue with a lotion during the day.... c'mon Spring! :-)

yaya said...

You have had a much harsher winter than us and I thought ours was pretty cold! It's been so wet here and my yard will need a major overhaul in the Spring. I love the color of your cabinets and your cleaning looks so pretty and shiny! Good job! Like you, we heat with wood and it does get a bit dusty by Spring! Happy Valentines Day to you and your hubby! said...

Great cupboards!I too have antique valentines but I cannot recall where I stored them.
Maybe next Valentine's Day I'll look!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I agree that housecleaning is not my favorite activity as well and remember a sign that was in a friend’s home...”housework will make you ugly.” Still it’s necessary and nicer when done. Our kitchen cabinets could use some polishing as well so thanks for the inspiration. And how I agreed with your comments on overbuying groceries and not using frozen foods or ones in the pantry. I feel the same about nit wanting to waste food and also about overbuying...seems to be a common dilemna.