Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Great Guy

My husband took me away for a romantic overnight to this Inn.
While the driveway was close to a mile long up and up and the weather was not the best it was beautiful Inn. It was built to be an inn about 15 years ago. You can see mountains past mountains just amazing. And probably the best place I have ever been in. The breakfast was amazing. He also made reservations for us to go out to dinner to this amazing place that was a spurge but so worth it!!! I felt very pampered. What a wonderful guy to surprise me, I guess I will keep him.💕💕💕

We also shopped a bit I bought myself a tibetan prayer flag that I will put on the porch when better weather comes. When the wind blows the flags your prayers are sent to heaven. I also have a dump find....

This record cracked me up it is from my grandparents time, I am sure you have heard of can hear them sing here.

And last but surely not least I have bound my rugs I finished at rug retreat yahoo!! and I am going to start the stair risers. I got the first one on to red dot but I need to buy some nice new markers, mine are dry and would never bleed through. I am so happy to be able to get these started. 
We have had snow and rain, cold and warm, ok warmish.
I am so ready for Spring but I have to be patient and also when the ground thaws I will have to work in my gardens, so for right now except for shoveling I get to hook most days.
Have a great week!!!


Julia said...

Hi Cathy, what a beautiful Inn to stay at with your romantic man. It sounds like a second honeymoon. So very thoughtful and a great break from winter tiredness.
Gosh, that stair riser design looks so nice. I can see why you're so eager to start. Good for you for finishing your other rugs.I'm so glad that you have found your passion for hooking again.
Hugs, Julia

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful surprise for Valentines, mine is not that romantic, lol.
Our weather is all over the place, warmer, then cold, but it might go up to 50, next Sunday, so I am looking forward to that.


Nancy Turner said...

i guess i have strange taste in music i love nelson and jenette and some others from that really have a romantic DH mine i am sure will not even remember the day oh well i am going to be gone all day to my monthly sew in out of town

Farm Girl said...

What a wonderful place to go stay. That is so incredible. What a nice thing to go do.
Good job on those rugs.
I hope you have an early spring too.

Prims By The Water said...

What a perfect place to spend the evening. He is a keeper for sure. Cannot wait to see your finished rugs and the start of your stair risers. I have always loved the stair riser rugs, but alas we do not have any stairs to our house. Stay warm. Janice

DM said...

Hey there girlfriends! Beautiful Inn to stay at....who knew Dave was such a romantic..but you deserve it.
I hope to get back to my blog soon. I just might need a lesson in blogging.

Rugs and Pugs said...

He's a keeper!

moosecraft said...

Oh my! What a wonderful sweetheart you have! Yes! He is definitely a keeper! :-)
The peek at your stair riser project has my attention! Looking forward to seeing more of them!

Mildred said...

How thought of your husband; a charming inn.