Sunday, November 12, 2017


I work 40 plus hours most weeks so I never have much time to volunteer. But I am always happy to help bake.
Our little food pantry is giving out Thanksgiving baskets and this will be the third year I have baked pumpkin and banana breads to tuck into the baskets. (They are the little loaves)
It feels good to bake I have stopped baking for us as we needed to change our diet.

This is a pork pie a favorite of my French Canadian husband.
I have changed it around a little bit to help cut fat and it still tastes great! He was complaining that he has been so good he needed a treat. Yumm he was so happy to have a nice big slice and didn't notice the changes.
In a couple of weeks I am baking for a cookie walk that is a fund raiser. So the baking will go on.

We went into the cold this week yikes what a shock we have had such a warm fall. The wind blew and the temps dropped and the tiny snowflakes came.
The woodstove and the fireplace hummed happily keeping us warm so it was good to tuck in at the end of the day. 
On my way out of work I pass a homeless woman who insists on sleeping outside. For a lot of reasons, all not good, she refuses any help. ( she does get meals from the senior center, and people in town make sure she has food in the evening.) When I got out of work on Monday I could have cried seeing her sitting near the park with all her bags.
But it is her choice. I know the homeless shelter people come by to see her often. She will not go with them. She is a stronger woman than I am I could not do it.

Today Miss B and my daughter came for the day. 
We hit a couple of thrifts and our local dump.
I got these two working solar tops on the canning jars.
I have plans with Miss B for these.
We also found an american girl doll canopy bed free,it has a small break that husband can fix and Miss B's American girl doll can sleep in style. ( She has the doll that we bought for her mom at her age) I love passing down those crazy expensive dolls.
I hope your week was a good one and you were nice and warm.


Prims By The Water said...

So sad to hear about the homeless woman. This time of year I feel for those that do not have. I wanted to bake today, but still working on cleaning the house. Grrr. I did manage to get a few Christmas items completed for our show this weekend, and now watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark. Your pie looked yummy too! Janice

Judy said...

The homeless lady is probably afraid to go to the shelter after hearing stories of the bad things that can happen inside--women raped--belongings stolen.
I wish my food pantry would give out home made banana bread!!

WoolenSails said...

That is wonderful that you and others make home baked goods for the baskets, I am sure the recipients will love having it with their dinner items. Sounds like Miss B will be getting some wonderful items from the free pile. I got my first bike that way, my dad got it at the dump and fixed it up and new paint, and I was thrilled.


yaya said...

We had the wood stove on this weekend and it sure felt good! I've been baking too and I really think it's good therapy sometimes! Have a good week!

Farm Girl said...

What a lovely bit of baking. I do miss it so I feel like I do the same thing. When my girls were at home, they loved to eat baked goods. My boys and my husband don't eat it. So I of course don't make it because I would eat it. That is a lovely pie you made your husband. I am sure he was so happy.
That is so heartbreaking about that homeless woman. I have read about woman that can't stand to be in the house,but they live in Florida. She must be very strong.
Have a wonderful week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I never bake (other than pumpkin rolls) because I am the only one that would eat it!
How sad about the homeless woman. I don't know how she can survive.
It has gotten cold in Ohio, too. Enough. I am ready for spring!!!

Jennifer Gail said...

Free is always good .Pork pie sounds yum.Can I have your recipe? Thanks