Monday, July 31, 2017

The Campout...

I treated myself to a new mug from tattered flag.

This is a rug I finished some time ago it is on the floor we walk on it everyday. It is a little wavy so not perfect.

We picked blueberries and since I follow king Arthur flour 
they have a bake along once a month and this month was blueberry hand pies while they over flowed they were yummy.

On to the campout we went with family on my husband's side.
There were about 24 of us some came and went but most of us stayed. This was our first campfire so fun to be with all the different ages.

And this would be my sweet B the little fish.
We swam together, I really enjoyed the time with her and her mom and Dad. 

There were horseshoe tournaments with the campground.
My brother in law won. Then they had a corn hole trounament and our nephew and his friend won that so the family swept the campground!

And this would be sweet B with her pet bunny who camps with them.
A very busy time, summer is slipping away faster and faster I noticed the difference in light in the afternoon and evening.
But is still warm and wonderful and we have lots of beautiful weather ahead.
I have a birthday this week so a year older and a bit closer retirement.
Have a wonderful week!


Rugs and Pugs said...

I just love your Maggie B rug!
What a fun family time. What a hoot that bunny goes camping with Miss B.
Happy, happy birthday!!!

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a fun family outing and nice that you can all camp together.
It seems the summer is flying by this year, maybe we will get an indian summer this year.
Miss B sure looks grown up in that photo.


Julia said...

I agree with Miss B's message on her sweat shirt. Life is Good. What an adorable pet lopped ear bunny. I've never seen a bunny on a leash before. I bet the bunny was the talk of the party besides your blueberry hand pies.
It looks like it was a great time at the family gathering.

Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

I find that all of my hooked rugs which have movement near the border are somewhat wavy. Those which have only straight line borders and patterns near the top of the border may be more straight. The wave doesn't bother me one bit and I love your take on the MB design. Oh, and I hooked that pattern too and love it.

Judy said...

Is that a real bunny?

Farm Girl said...

It looks like a perfect camp out. I like your rug on the floor. I have a few of mine and I love to see them there. I hope this has been a great week for you.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Looks like a lovely time of making memories.


yaya said...

How fun! We haven't camped in a long time but do enjoy campfires with the kiddos every so often or just by ourselves. Summer is flying by and I just bought a magazine today that was a Fall issue...yep, it's on it's way!