Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Busy Summer

This past Sat I was waiting to meet up with my daughter at a McDonalds and I saw this so pretty. We were headed to a bridal shower that was a lovely English tea. It was yummy and lovely.

Then we went to a fund raiser. This is a husband and wife team that hook rugs. I mean lots and lots of rugs!
And they have wonderful gardens also. 

This is a very small sampling of their work.
The wife to this team went to star island the same time I did.
So she was kind enough to give a couple of us hookers a private tour of her beautiful home and her rugs. Just amazing work.

We have been picking blueberries...

I am a big fan of King Arthur Flour and each month they have a bake along. This month blueberry hand pies. I am not sure if I over filled them or baked them a little to long I will post it to their site and they will give me tips. But I will tell you they are so darn good and will use this crust recipe again.

I have a birthday coming up so I treated myself to a new mug from 
the old tattered flag. I will take it to work for my morning coffee.
We have a large family campout coming up this weekend
The best part is my sweet B will be there so excited to spend the weekend with them.
Have a great week.



Kay G. said...

What!! I have been dying to see a Monarch butterfly, you are so lucky!

Farm Girl said...

Have a wonderful time at your camp out. I love those coffee mugs! What a cool place to go visit and see those rugs. Oh, I have wanted some hand pies in the worst way this summer. I did make a peach pie but I wanted hand pies. I need to just do it. Yours look so nice and yummy. It looks so pretty and green in your pictures. Have a nice rest of the week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Those are some wonderful rugs!!!
YUM on the blueberry pies.
Summer is flying by :(

Julia said...

Oh cathy, I love, love those rugs and how wonderful to have a husband and wife creating those rugs. i love the idea of supporting each other's hobby. Those blueberry hand pies looks so scrumptiously delicious. They make my mouth water. I haven't baked a blueberry pie in any form in ages.

have a great time at your family camping gathering.

Sorry I've been missing, I couldn't access my emails and no one could send me emails, I lost all my contact list and reading list. I couldn't post on my blog although I could access it and people could leave comments. I could leave comments on followers who had left a comment on my blog by clicking on their icon but it was a real long process which I had to repeat for every comment I left. I have a houseful of visitors and 7 new calves so I'm not bored, lol but i missed the friends contacts.

All is well now as my daughter Christine has restored my goggle and blogger account and i will post as soon as I can find the time once I catch up on everyone's blogs.
Hugs, Julia