Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Week Before Easter

So finally today the weather broke! we have had snow, rain, mix and we haven't seen the sun since who knows when. It is going to get better the next two days. So since I was having spring fever I hit the porch with a soapy bucket and put all the cushions back on the chairs.
Ahhhhhh heaven.

Easter is on the way and we have a large gathering with an egg hunt thrown in. My Miss B has a lop eared bunny (not this one)and she is convinced he is the Easter bunny! I love that so much when they believe so fully.

I have been cleaning and trying to get the winter dust out of the corners, the one thing I am not good at cleaning is the oven. My oven is a working oven and always going I cook all the time!
Well I tried the baking soda thing nope now we are using the self clean. I hate using it, it scares me how hot it gets. So I cleaned what I could and it is doing it's thing yikes! 
A busy week ahead we have my daughter, son in law and Miss B over night the night before Easter we play games eat great food and really enjoy each other.
So cleaning and cooking in my future! 
Happy Easter!


Connie the Cootiebug said...

Today our weather has reached the low 80s and quite windy. Spring is so fickle and has never been my favorite season for that reason. My house is in need of some cleaning. In no time there's more dust to be removed even if I've only just cleaned it, it seems.

WoolenSails said...

It is so nice to have good weather finally. The bad thing is, I heard it will be windy and rainy on sunday, so might not be a good camping weekend. Sounds like a fun weekend planned with the kids. I need to clean my oven too, it is hot and mine stinks, so need to do it this week on a sunny day.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Your porch is so inviting!!!
Holidays are so much fun with a believer. How cute that Miss B thinks her bunny is the Easter Bunny.
Hugs :)

Prims By The Water said...

So cute that Missy B thinks her lop ear bunny is the Easter Bunny! Janice

Judy said...

I didn't know there was another human who got scared with the self-cleaning oven. Me too! Mine is gas, so I keep expecting it to explode when it gets so hot. I usually do mine on a cold winter day so it helps heat the house. Did mine a couple of weeks ago and survived. LOL

Farm Girl said...

Your oven looks great! I have a self cleaning too and I don't use it very much either.
It sounds like a very fun Easter. I am so glad Miss B. Thinks her bunny is the Easter bunny. I just love that too. Have a wonderful day.

yaya said...

My oven takes a beating too and I'll be getting the cleaning junk out also. I haven't used my self clean option because, like you, the hot scares me! Enjoy Easter with your gang and I do hope the nice weather continues! Happy Easter Cathy!

Mrs. Danforth said...

Can't wait!!!