Tuesday, April 25, 2017


So I promised to show you what my sweet hooking friend
Donna made for me! the larger piece is a zippered bag for my hooks etc. the little book in the front holds needles, safety pins, etc. and she even made the card!

And this amazing basket!!! she has more talent in her
little finger than I do in my whole body. 


While at the hook in a lady named Faith gave each of us this 
little mouse pincushion. She hand made each of them. So sweet I couldn't believe it how kind of her.

Then we have a wonderful gift bag swap and I got this!
another great basket and paper napkins. How lucky I am!

Last weekend a friend treated me to breakfast at a  
wonderful place with all kinds of homemade bread.
We got talking about annadama bread. They didn't have any
sooo tonight I am making some, I will let you know how it comes out.

I am reading this book. It is about a boy who went into the woods of Maine 
at 20 and was finally caught when he was 47.
It is true and very interesting Anyone else read it yet?
We are in the cold rainy weather after a couple of days of warm wonderful weather. I hope this turns everything green and summer like. 
Have a great week.


Julia said...

Wow, you are a lucky girl. So many cutes things and generosity at that Hook-in.
I never heard of this bread. i bet it will taste very good.

I'm very curious about the book The Stranger In The Wood. It sounds very interesting. I'll have to look it up.
Hugs, Julia

Judy said...

I heard you have been getting a lot of rain!
Such cute prezzies from your friends!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great gifts!
Never heard of annadama bread.
That book sounds very interesting. I haven't read a book in years and that is one thing I want to start doing again. My problem is if I start reading and I like the book, I get obsessed and don't do anything else.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful gifts, and beautifully made.
Is that the guy they found in the woods a few years ago?


Farm Girl said...

What fun gifts! All of them are amazing. I have never heard of that bread so I will be interested to hear about it.
I read about that man, I had no idea there was a book. It sounds really interesting.

yaya said...

Fun presents lucky girl! I've never heard of annadama bread so I hope you explain more about it! I loved your Easter post and when you said it was hot I was noticing the snow! Have a good rest of this week and I hope Spring will bring you nicer weather soon!