Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice And A Rug Show

This would be the strawberry moon shining on Squam lake
(AKA Golden Pond)Just breath taking.

Ok it would not be a week without the B. She graduated pre K
and they had a circus theme look who's a clown!

Sat we headed to Brunswick Maine for my aunties 50th anniversary.
What a lovely party and so good to see family.

I had not been to Brunswick in years so we stayed over night poked around, had dinner etc. We found this suspension foot bridge it moved when you walked on it.

This is the woven iron strands that holds the whole thing up.

On the way home we stopped in an antique store and they had lots of rugs.
This one was framed under glass loved it.

A very small cut on this one.

And I have seen this pattern a few times.

I liked this one the color was better in person.

This was described as stump work not sure what stump work is but
it sure looks like walderboro rugs

And if rugs are not your cup of tea maybe
a squirrel or a chipmunk bum would suit your fancy.
I love how they have the string on the chipmunk kind of looks like a thong yikes! and 59.00 a piece. David had all kinds of good ideas for these. "we could make it look like they got suck in the side of the house" ummm nope no rodent butts for me.
Have a great week now that it is officially summer.


Kim said...

It finally happened....I am at a loss for words.......stuffed and mounted rodent butts.........O.M.G.......

Farm Girl said...

Those hanging rodents are very interesting. What interesting old rugs. What a fun little trip. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Your Miss B. looks very cute with her clown now. I hope you have a lovely week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Too funny on the butt decorations!!! WTH? I guess there is a market for everything 😏