Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bogged Down..

Husband and I got out of the house on Sunday for a little walk.
We walked a trail in the woods sorry no pictures but got out just as it was raining.
Then on the way home we stopped at this bog that has a board walk all the way around it.
It has been cold windy and rainy so we didn't get it all done
But we have vowed to go back on a nicer day.

Lots of really sweet flowers all around the bog.

In lots of pretty colors... And speaking of colors...

I started my rug I have pulled out the wing on the bird 3 times and I and I am still not happy.
I want it to
kind of resemble a cardinal.

I was going to rip out the initials but husband said no it looks like someone carved it.
But I really want your opinion.  

I visited a great garden center today that has a amazing fairy night every year.
It is getting harder and harder to get tickets to but I vow to get them this year. How much would Miss B love that??
There is going to be unicorn, and some other fairy delights in the gardens that are lit at night by fairy lights! Husband bought me this cricket there he said it was good luck let's hope.


Judy said...

Yes! I like the initials left in.
My mother had a Chinese Cricket cage and every other day, in the summer, she'd send me outside to find a cricket. It IS good luck to have one in your house.

Kim said...

I like the initials as they are. I hooked all the tree and then pulled it all out and did it again. Sigh.....just like Saundra. Lol

WoolenSails said...

The fairy exhibit sounds fun for Miss B and you, hope you get to go.
We have high winds but it's going to be a nice week ahead and I got a site at the local camp, so hoping to relax and get some paddling in.


Farm Girl said...

Its a very nice cricket. I like your rug the way it is and I like the initials on the tree. I think it looks very nice. I really liked that you could take a walk around a bog. I bet there are lots of things to see. I think a fairy exhibit would be a wonderful place to visit too. I hope you have a wonderful week.

yaya said...

I know it will bring good luck..I have the same cricket on my hearth in the kitchen! Fairy gardens are sure popular. My sister is making them in her journey garden and having her Grandkiddos help. I may try that with mine although the ones that live near me would probably be constantly rearranging all the fairy houses! Ha!