Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Birthday To My Baby!

My baby is 32 now how did that happen?
She is sweet and funny, smart, amazing mom and wife.
And one amazing daughter, we are very blessed to love her.

Since we were meeting them at the camp ground they were at
a campfire cake was in order! This is a solid and I mean solid ice cream cake handmade in the ice cream shop next to where I work. I did the decorating (saw it in country living) It was a hit especially with the kids.

My Son-in-law's family were camping too. We were asked to join them for lunch and dinner and some fun.

It wasn't far from our house a beautiful day and a beautiful spot.

We have been in the heat but my tomatoes couldn't wait to be sauced so hot or not I made sauce in 90 degrees. yeck

The heat has broken and today was a cool rainy day perfect for zucchini bread (2) a very plain one for husband and one with raisins and walnuts for me. I plan on cutting them up when cool and freeze a couple of slices together in a baggie to help with portion control.

I am still picking blackberries. I found on pintrest a recipe for blackberry cordial this is week, I will filter out all the stuff  from the vodka and add some sugar and wait for a few weeks for it to mellow.  

Husband and I took a very nice hike near a place called sky pond and the hike part is called bald ledge. a lovely hike quiet and wonderful.
But holy cow! I am afraid of heights. I usually do just ok but when you get to the end the ledge pitches down and you are on top of a lake it gave me the feeling of falling. I scrambled back so no great pictures. The views are amazing a whole mountain range and two lakes. But I couldn't get over the sick feeling to creep up to see more. I would like to try it again but I need to work on my fear first.

A quick drop off at a thrift shop and I found this painted rock that will fit in the palm of your hand. So pretty and for telling fall.

And I have been hooking a little bit. 
I am loving the cooler weather and thankful for the much needed rain.
Have a great week everyone!


Kim said...

Grandma, why isn't your tongue out too? Cute picture and great job decorating that campfire cake. The new rug is looking good. I just got my rug hooking magazine with that pattern but by the time I finished it would probably be Christmas. Lol

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!! The picture is just too cute. How come your tongue is not out? That cake sounds too yummy.
I thought I read you were pickling A cordial sounds much better.
I'm lovin' your rug!
Happy hooking.
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

What a fun way to spend her birthday, looks like a nice camp.
I am the same way, I cannot stand on the edge, but i found it is worse if I am moving and look down, so I look at the ground till I get close enough, then stop, take a breath, look and get back, lol. I think mine is related to my health, some days I am fine, others I feel like I am falling, just by looking at a height.


Nellie said...

How do the years pass so quickly when some of the days seem endless? Happy birthday wishes coming from me. The tomato sauce looks wonderful, and that blackberry cordial will be mighty tasty! Our zucchini didn't do well this season - harvest: none - so I've not made any bread and am missing it. I've a fear of heights as well. Not going to find me peering over any high cliffs! Sending wishes for a good week!
xo Nellie

yaya said...

Happy birthday to your baby! What a great weekend and such beautiful scenery. Mix all that with yummy food and call it perfect!

yaya said...

I need to post a second comment...I love that cake! We had an insert in our newspaper this past summer that had that cake in it. (I also saw it in Country know I love magazines!) It also had homemade tents for little ones and a whole birthday party theme. I sent it to my niece and she made the cake and the tents and had a really fun birthday party with a camping theme for her 4yr old. I also need to tell you that emails from many of my bloggers are being denied by my server for some odd reason. I've tried to fix it and had my son look at it too and we can't figure out why they're being denied. I just didn't want you to think I was ignoring your emails! Take care!

WendyBee said...

Great pictures! Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am in Biddeford, Maine, right on the water, so my hot days aren't always quite as hot as a few miles inland, and sometimes my cold days are ever-so-slightly warmer.
I'm loving the weather this week, even if it is a little overcast at times -- photos come out better!
I am impressed by all your baking and canning. We will have more tomatoes than we can use, I think, so I really should learn how to can them. (Note the lack of enthusiasm...)
Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.

Janice Hebert said...

I'm new to your blog, been reading through your past posts thinking you might live near me, we live in Topsfield, MA. It looks like you live very close to our camp - were you camping at Ellacoya State Park? Looks just like the view we have at Lake Shore Park in Gilford! Anyway, I love your little Miss B and you have a delightful blog!