Monday, September 21, 2015

A House Of Her Own

Pepe has been working so hard on a special surprise.
At this point she has been told it is Daddy's new tool shed.

And when the purple walls went up she said "But it's purple!"
And she was told that Daddy picked it for his shed.

By the time the roof went on she said "This is my new house right pepe?" One smart 4 year old!

The dog is just praying it's not his house, he has it pretty good in the house.

Some pumpkins, corn stalks,and a birdhouse later 
she is one happy girl.

And she has her first house guest pepe! 

The blackberry cordial has been filtered of the berries and the 
sugar water added and now we wait for it to mellow.  

The last weekend of the summer has come and gone and the weather turned on a dime. It is time for hot tea and winter pjs. 

I have lots of magazines to catch up on 
and maybe just maybe I will pull a loop or two.
Being grandparents is God's reward for growing old.


Nellie said...

What a happy little girl! Yes, she is certainly a smart one!:-) Such wonderful gifts you give her. xo

Jacqueline said...


Kim said...

She's a lucky little girl! I think it's every little girls dream to have her own little playhouse. Plus it's frickin adorable!! I want one too :)

WoolenSails said...

That house is so cute and I want one, lol.
We still have what is left of an unfinished playhouse for our kids, my husband had big ideas but no time;)


Julia said...

What a lucky little girl and what a cool Pepe for building it with daddy's help. They did a terrific job and I love the purple walls.
A great way to start Fall. Enjoy your magazines.

Judy said...

How very, very neat that you did this!
My Mom built one for my girls and at 12, 13 and 3, they were still playing in it. :-)

Primitive Stars said...

What a sweet little house for a sweet little girl, love it. Blessings Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a lucky little girl to be so loved and spoiled!!!
Geez. I remember when you first told us your DD was pregnant. How time flies.
Hugs :)

yaya said...

That is adorable! Love it and wouldn't mind a little getaway for myself! Happy Fall to you! Love this time of year!