Sunday, March 8, 2015


The days are longer 

I am ready for spring 

I am still hooking this rug I did make some changes by moving the blue around a bit. but not sure I like the blue on the stand for the hen.

I went to a birthday brunch on Saturday. My offering was cinnamon raisin scones. I do love to brunch with great friends.

And today we had a visit from Miss B. We made cookies, played and played we all were good and tired by the time she headed for home.
She told my daughter on the way home " I wish Grammie and Pepe lived next to my house so could look out the window and see them." Oh be still my heart, lets start packing the house up! We are an hour away from her now.
The really sad thing is NO Downton Abbey tonight boooohoooo.
It will be a weird week because of the time change.
I just looked up and it is snowing! Spring where are you!!!!!


Dog Trot Farm said...

No Downton Abbey till next January...what are we to do?...Your scones look delicious...I so enjoyed the Great British Baking show and that has concluded too...I count myself very fortunate that my grandson is just a stones throw away...Please don't tell me its snowing...enough already...have a great week...

yaya said...

Spring is sneaking in around these parts. It snowed a bit yesterday..after a quick rain..weird! Today it was in the 40's and the look ahead has it almost 60 by Wed...that makes my heart go pitter pat! Although the Grandkiddos can bring the same Miss B! Scones looks lovely...very Downton Abbey! I'll miss it too but this year was a bit of a snoozer. Have a good week!

WoolenSails said...

I will enjoy the longer days but not until the snow is gone and i can get out and enjoy it, lol. I agree, the blue seems too much on the stand.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Yep. That Miss B just melts your heart :)
Your rug is wonderful. Soon, you will be done. I agree with you on the blue base. I'd change it.
I hope you don't have to say the "s" word much more.
Hugs :)

BumbleBeeLane said...

So sweet Miss B. They do grow fast enjoy those memories in the making. Hopefully friday was our last snow, starting to get cabin fever Blessings!~♥Amy

Judy said...

I have been restless tonight with nothing to watch on TV. Also restless because of the time change. One thing I loved about living near my grandma--I could see her everyday!

Larkrise garden girl said...

I so relate to loving grandchildren. They make your heart melt.
Little Jack loves coming over to our home and when he leaves he is sad. He left his dump truck behind for more digging in the garden next time. Miss B is a treasure.

Nellie said...

Lovely scones! I'll come for brunch anytime! A bit of "Downton withdrawal" here. How will we wait ten more months?!?

Saundra said...

I'm thankful my grandson lives closer to me than that. He was here today and will pick him up a couple more days this week from school.

Those scones look delicious. I used to make them, loved them but trying to cut down on carbs so must choose my carbs each week as to what is most special.

Wonder if I can start watching Downton Abbey 'on demand' on Comcast????

Julia said...

I love scones and i make them now and then.

Bless miss B.'s heart for wanting you close by so she can see you in the window.
I Skype my grandson James and Daniel and they Skype me so we get to see each other and talk free until they get antsy of looking at me. haha

Spring is only 10 days away. Just hang in there and soon the snow will disappear.

Your rug is looking very nice.

Donna said...

"Be still my heart" is right! I would be scanning the real estate guides and hounding my husband. How damned sweet is that....for her to think like that. Precious!
Mmmmmm! Those scones look delist!......I think I can smell them from here!!