Sunday, March 15, 2015


March is a fickle month not for the faint of heart...

If you live in northern New England..The road I took you on a walk now impassable with deep ruts of mud. 
And then today it is snowing very hard right now and it is 36 degrees!

Bad weather I gotta cook oh save me from myself.

Stuffed cabbage which is good for you no sugar or fat. I used low fat hamburg for the stuffing. I have to say I haven't made it in years but it came out pretty darn good.

I also found time to decorate for Easter..

We are the host of the giant family gathering with major egg hunt and all that goes with it.

Saturday I hit the library for some goodies to keep me busy, like I need something else to do.

I brewed some coffee and...

Made some bread  and we are tucked in for the day. 
As most of you know I work for a nonprofit that supports developmental and brain injured adults. Friday night we had our annual dance. If you want to find complete and utter joy go to a dance that has these amazing people in attendance. Some were in wheel chairs,had crutches,walked with canes, or on their own power but all you see is the joy of dancing and being with their friends they care not what others think of them so they can show the joy that most of us contain in fear of being called a fool. And trust me these amazing people are no fools they are kind and generous and most of all joyful. I feel very blessed to be a part of their world.


Kim said...

We should meet in the middle - you bring the fresh bread, I have a pot of chili simmering. Seemed like the perfect thing to make on yet another blizzard Sunday.

Julia said...

Cathy, I had to laugh at the nine months of winter on your New England calendar. It might just be true this year... Your stuffed cabbage and bread looks delicious. Haven't made stuffed cabbage in years.

What a nice tribute to those special people and thanks for being a part of it. I've have a special place for them in my heart.

Stormy here too and I don't live in New England. I went back to bed after barn chores this morning and had a great sleep.

Might as well hibernate and wait for Spring.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I'm sure that dance made your heart sing!
So sorry you are getting more of that white crap!!!
Your bread looks amazing.
Hugs :)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

No snow here today, just blue skies and sunshine :)
The stuffed cabbage rolls look delicious, I shall have to make them especially since a have a cabbage big enough to feed an army.
I can only imagine the fun at the dance, they are such special people, oftentimes misjudged, if only people would take time out of their days to understand them...

yaya said...

I haven't made stuffed cabbage in forever. Looks really yummy! I'll make some cabbage on Tues. in honor of St.Patrick's. Day. Usually I do a corned beef brisket too but Hubby doesn't care for it and I can't eat a whole one by myself! I'm so glad we have much melting still going on. I hope the snow stops soon and warm air and Spring find your house!

Mugwump Woolies said...

So sorry stubborn Ole' Man Winter won't leave you alone! Annie and I will be cooking a boiled dinner this's been a while, so we are looking forward to it. The dance sounds like a wonderful time! Your sweet words made me smile:)

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Cathy, that is too bad about the snow, so nice here today, sorry. I love stuffed cabbage, one of my Favorite foods, made me hungry. The dance sounded lovely, Blessings Francine.

Saundra said...

AH HA! I love stuffed cabbage and haven't made it in a long time myself. Think that is going to be on my short list to make and then to freeze some so there is an easy meal available.

Oh but I'd love that bread too if only I could find a healthy recipe that doesn't use too much processed white flour.


WoolenSails said...

We missed most of the rain and got a spit of flakes, so i can't complain. The mud is horrid though, so hoping we get a week of warm weather and no rain. Your food looks delicious and the dance sounds fun.


Judy said...

I get too tired standing at the counter making stuffed cabbage, but I love it. So, I do a crock-pot version. Cabbage leaves line the pot, than I put the hamburger, rice mixture in a big mound, then the brown sugar, more chunks of cabbage and leaves all over the meat and then the diced tomatoes. Tastes just the same. :-)