Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Wisdom Of Pink Sparkly Sneakers

This is our skylight after rain brrrrr 
We have lost a lot of snow but still no sign of the lawn.

I have been really trying to save money and since food and heating oil seems
to be our largest expenses.
planned my meals for the week and took off to the grocery store. Because I was there early
I followed the guy that was marking down the meat all the way down the meat case. I did not plan on getting 
t bones but because they were marked down to 7.00 each. I splurged. we had steak for dinner, then today
I took the left overs of  the one steak we cooked and threw them in a pot and added stew beef.

All I can say is yummmmmm

I also made home made bread it didn't come out like I planned but I only 
had quick yeast and it called for regular yeast but it still is very good.

And to top it off I made peanut butter cookies.

We had our little grand daughter this weekend. she showed up in pink sparkly 
sneakers,and a load of wisdom to share for one little 3 year old.
It was a beautiful day so we took out her trike. She peddled so hard her sparkly 
sneakers were a flashy blur. She had to stop along the way to pick up sparkly rocks and 
old wet leaves to put on the back of her trike. "They are beautiful Grammy". Before we went
in the house we had to put her treasures on the mail box so the birds could see her collection and they could take them to make their nest 
pretty.(swear her idea)
We had tea parties, a trip to the ice cream store, and the thrift store.
All the while she was letting me in on her bits of wisdom.
The wisdom of a child is a true blessing


Julia said...

I'm glad that your snow is going down. Ours has gone down somewhat but there still mountains more.

I love a good bargain too especially in the grocery department. We all got to eat everyday, three times a day not counting the snacks, lol.

You have been very productive baking and cooking and and how blessed to have your three year old granddaughter there with you teaching you wisdom.

She's a little treasure. I love those sparkly sneakers. It must be a joy to watch her ride her tricycle.

Have a blessed week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love the pink sparkly sneakers! It's hard to believe Miss B is 3 already. I remember your excitement when you found out your daughter was expecting. My how time flies!.
Hugs :)

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Cathy, wow!!! Great deal on the T- bones, yummy, peanut butter cookies look sooo good.....girlie girl runners, love the pink sparkles. blessings Francine.

annie said...

good for you!
food prices here are very high.
loved hearing about her visit!
have a great week!

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like you had a great day and fun with your granddaughter. I always use leftover meat and use it in a new dish, great way to stretch out the meals and budget.


Judy said...

I do love spending time with the grand children--especially the younger ones who are so honest and so imaginative. I miss that now.

Saundra said...

Oh that bread does look good and great with stew. Yes the honesty and innocence of children. My grandson is a job as well.


yaya said...

Our snow is down, but it's cold again and snow flurries are flying...I swear this is the longest winter ever. I think I need a pair of sparkly sneakers to get me flying! The food looks wonderful..especially the bread! Smart cookie to follow the discount man around. Have a good week and I hope the weather is better too.

Miss LindaLee said...

Nothing like our grands! So glad she lives close to you so you can have those special days with her.
I too try to save on food, and grab many of the meats once they're marked down. I am also still reminding myself that I cook for just two. Not a big family anymore.

Balisha said...

This is a good time to buy meat as it is going to sky rocket in price.Love seeing how you used the leftovers.
Sparkly very fancy. I'll bet she's cute as a button in them.
The wisdom of a child is a true that.

Willow said...

I hope I never get too old to see the world through the eyes of a child !

DM said...

Love the pink sparkly sneakers. I love the stories of your little princess....It's such a joy to have them around and spend time with.
That's a great story about the soap at the bottom of the dish it.

Sweet Tea said...

I bet your house smells wonderful from all the cooking you've been doing - that bread looks especially yummy! Loved reading about your granddaughter. Fun times and you are blessed to live close enough that she can visit!