Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy President's Weekend...

We have been having a lot of snow about 14 inches came in on Thur into Friday.
This poor little female cardinal was trying to get through it.

So I strapped on my snow shoes and just went around our property.
It was good to get out in the sunshine.

We also hit the ta da dump. I got a tea set for Miss B. 
One plate was broken and the top of the sugar bowl 
was missing but still enough to have fun with.

This is a ceramic tile I though was so pretty.
I think if husband makes a wooden frame for it It would look great
hanging up.

I also found this piece of Wedgwood in perfect shape.
I cleaned it up and it came out great. My grandmother use to 
love this type of jasper ware. I believe it is a plant pot. 

And I found this great little vintage Santa.
He has made in japan sticker on the back along with his little
sack that held the candy he came with. I believe he is probably from the 50's 

And last but not least this light bulb. it is a yellow bulb that has 
the latex coating. It works!
All of this for free.The worst thing was a woman was in the swap shop
when when I walked in, she had a whole stack of things she kept saying this is all mine.
Lord help me I wanted to steal a few things but I didn't:) I didn't want a war at
the local dump.

I spend the day in my pjs and finished my rug, ok it is not quite bound yet.
but as far as hooking and steaming it is done. Now if I could get the hang of 
punch needle I would like to do a little project.

The days are getting longer which makes me so very happy, the darkness is the 
worst part of winter for me.
Have a wonderful week everyone.


WoolenSails said...

I can't believe the things you find at the dump, I am surprised they don't give them to the local thrifts. I need to do a destash myself, and lot of old musty things, no one wants things like that, so the musty will get dumped.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your rug!!!
Such great finds at the dump. Lucky you.
I, too, am so happy that the days are getting longer. At 6:11 pm today I commented that it was not yet dark. YEAH!!!
Hugs :)

Sweet Tea said...

Loved this post. Fun seeing all your found treasures. I have noticed we are having more daylight and it's like medicine for the soul! Itotally agree with you about the winter "dark".

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Cathy, you find the greatest dump goodies, wow !!!!! !!!! Love the Santa, what a find......Sweet Cardinal, love those birds, we do not have them here, so I enjoy your pictures....Love the longer days too. ..Blessings Francine.

Weekend-Windup said...

Poor female bird.It doesn't look like ceramic tiles, looks like glass painting. It looks wonderful.

moosecraft said...

Abe is one smart fellow! :-) You found some great stuff at Ta Dump! ;-) Love that tile with the flowers on it! Your hooked rug is gorgeous!

newburyarts said...

*****great job on the rug...are those purples from the group i gave you? the cream is bright in this picture...can't wait to see it in person. you hooking is always very, very nice!!!
stay warm...

Julia said...

Great finds at the dump. I love that little tea set. I used to play tea time with my little granddaughter. It looks like a nice size. She'll love it and will want to play tea time with you. Better have some cookies ready for the occasion.

Your rug looks very nice.

I feel for that poor little cardinal. The birds have to be tough to sty the winter. I've noticed that the day light is getting longer and longer.
Hurry up Spring.
Hugs, JB

camp and cottage living said...

I really like your newest rug!
I'm glad to see the sun not setting so early now too. Every little bit helps one to be encouraged that Spring will come..

Saundra said...

Another nicely hooked rug and another finish, well almost. Looking forward to see what is next on the frame. Wow, more lucky finds, lucky you.


Donna said...

You always get the neatest things at the dump! The tea set reminds me of one I got my grandchildren....I hate to tell you what you saved on it!!
Poor you with 14 inches of snow! I think it's bad here with about 6!

Lynn said...

I don't think I've told you this before, we can't take anything from our landfill. So I am envious of your finds! We got a foot of snow last Wednesday and a lot of it is still here! We've had a few cardinals at our bird feeders and yesterday saw a couple of robins - surely spring is on it's way!!

Kim said...

Oooh, I thought I commented before but sometimes I read, get distracted and just imagine I did. Lol The new rug looks great. I'm adding "visit your dump" to my bucket list ;)

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

You have a knack for finding stuff, that's for sure! The days are getting longer. I am hoping it won't be long before spring arrives. Sarah

Judy said...

I love the things you find!!! We keep getting snow and I heard--next week the Polar Vortex is coming back for a visit--just to bring in March and let us know--spring is no where near!!! BAH!!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

All I can say is that is some dump! LOL! I love the rug!

woollylottrugs said...

Your rug looks great Cathy!!! Thanks for sharing!


yaya said...

Your rug turned out great! I'm always in awe of your finds. I've never had a tea party with my Granddaughters but I think it's time I do! Now I just need to find a cute tea set! I'm loving the later light but I'm really loving the lighter mornings!