Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Something Is Going On??????

Our house has some bad energy or there are a few spirits having fun.
On Sunday we packed up and went to the lake to meet up with family and have
a real labor day cookout. Hmmmm no one is here yet oh well save a bunch of tables.
my daughter, son in law, and Miss B. came but  Still no extended family. and then the texts and phone calls
started coming we were at the wrong state park lake!!! What an hour away nope we stay put.
There is a cousin get together this coming Sunday for my husband's family.
Wait Wait it is Saturday!!!! What??? We have a packed weekend and that throws off our whole weekend.
When I get home I always turn on the small tv in the kitchen to hear the news
while cooking dinner. I picked up the remote that was next to the tv where it always is AND it is the phone??? Husband had hung up the remote???
So how do we get rid of this energy? walk into the house backwards?
burn incense? I am up for suggestions.
Oh and as a side note I have woken up twice in the past week feeling
a pat on my head, It was not husband or the cat.
We built this house no one, died here, we did not find an ancient burial ground.
And now as I write this husband is going crazy because one foot is so itchy it just started.
I think I will go to bed early tonight and hide under the covers until our world gets back in order.
or buy a lottery ticket.


Willow said...

When my world turns upside down ~
I stand on my head !
Good Luck ;)

Julia said...

Oh dear, it sounds like you are having some type of invisible visitors playing pranks on you and it's a long way to Halloween yet.

I hope that hubby didn't got bitten on the foot by a flea.

I'll be waiting for an update.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh Cathy, buy that lotto ticket, NOW!! I heard to burn sage to get rid of bad energy, worth a try, :)Good Luck, Francine.

camp and cottage living said...

Wow, I don't know what to say....
It does make one wonder when so many crazy incidences happen so close together!!

Kim said...

Lol. Oh No, poor you. Try turning around 3 times counter clockwise ;)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Sounds funny maybe you should burn some sage! Lol

Nellie said...

This reminds me of that movie from years ago - "Stop the world! I want to get off!":-) Take it one at a time. All will be well.

WoolenSails said...

Sound like some of my days. I always say, it has to be better tomorrow, still waiting for tomorrow, haha.


yaya said...

The pat on the head? Just an angel letting you know things will be back to normal soon! I think the planet Jupiter is too close to the moon right now and you can blame the weirdness on that! However, I do love a good ghost story!

Judy said...

Walk through the house with a handful of burning sage sprigs!!! Or--you could just laugh about it, LOL. Kind of scary though--maybe the pat on your head is a spider coming down from above and then when you put your hand up to your head, she goes back up, WHIZ?