Sunday, September 29, 2013

Please Pass The Motrin

We were headed to the fair today but poor Miss B is not feeling
well so we decided to take a hike

Or two. It is getting so beautiful now the weather couldn't have
been better and scenery just beautiful.

This picture washes out the color it is much brighter.

On our way back down this tree was glowing and yet I couldn't
capture it.

And since that wasn't enough we loaded the kayaks and headed into
the mountains to a small lake we haven't been on yet. My arms were rubber
by the time we were back on shore.

We also walked around an old graveyard.
It is a very old graveyard old 1700- 1800's.

This is the top of the stone.

Here is the stone wall around it, very peaceful a great place
for eternal rest.

I also dug out my hooking yahoo! It has been months since
I have picked up a hook. I finished binding of this small rug and dug
out the animal rug I started for Miss B. Here is to hooking again!
Have a great week!
I want to live my life so that my nights are not full of regrets.
D.H. Lawrence


yaya said...

So beautiful! Your leaves have turned a bit more than ours. I always get frustrated when the camera doesn't pick up what I see, but your pics are great! I feel like a real leaf peeper! I'm just in awe of your lovely area of the country. Hope those sore arms feel better soon you fun hooker!

WoolenSails said...

It was a beautiful day here too, so we walked along paths and the beach at the bay. Your rug is beautiful, love the vintage look.


Julia said...

The Fall colors are spectacular and they will get even better. Sorry about little Miss B not feeling well. Hope that she will feel better tomorrow, poor little thing. I hate seeing kids sick.

I've never kayaked but I've paddled a canoe, lol.
Hope that you have a nice week.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hope Miss B is feeling better!
Someday I would love to experience fall in the east. I'm sure it is gorgeous!
Oh, I just love old cemeteries.
So happy to hear you've picked up your hook.
Hugs :)

Starry Dawn said...

Hi dear one,
I am the new follower of your blog.
One of your friends sent me the link to your blog.
I love the photos you share.
I love to have good friends.
So, I am glad to have found you in Blogland. Dear, Let me introduce myself a little bit...
I am Starry, a Christian mom and grandmother of my 3 New York grandchildren. My hubby will soon retire from his lifetime medical practice, so we'll begin to travel more as we please.
I write stories, poems, thoughts, lyrics, do some artwork, animal and nature lover, etc.
Well, that is all for today.
I shall return to read more of your posts, sweetheart.
I hope you visit some of my blogs, even follow, if you wish to.
God may bless you all.
Greetings from Poet Starry Dawn.

Pat said...

What lovely fall photos...

Primitive Stars said...

Evening Cathy, wow, such pretty scenery by the water, looks so soothing.....Sweet rug, hope Miss B feels better soon, Happy Hooking, Francine.

moosecraft said...

Ahhh Autumn! I always enjoy leaf peeping... thanks for sharing! I hope Miss B gets to feeling better soon!

Judy said...

It is a beautiful time of year for sure.

Nellie said...

Beautiful scenery! Paddling should help take care of those arms!

camp and cottage living said...

Your rug is so... nice! It's such a good feeling to have a project finished.
The scenery there is gorgeous, you sure know how to enjoy a Fall day!

~marci~ said...

Such nostalgic pictures. Thanks for sharing a piece of your day. A beautiful time of year in most of the country

From Sherry's Heart said...

What a beautiful way to enjoy life!

Bonnie said...

I absolutely love your hooked rig. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeious photos. I wish I could visit that peaceful graveyard. There is such art on that headstone.

Kim said...

Great day! Except for the after effects of screaming muscles :). I really like the soft colors in that rug.
I think your trees are ahead of ours.

Saundra said...

Ah, yes, the leaves are turning beautiful colors in Delaware too. Sometimes those golds and reds are so vivid they hurt your eyes when the sun hits them just right. Glad you enjoyed your day and hope Miss Baby gets feeling better soon.


Mugwump Woolies said...

Hope Miss B. is feeling better. Love the beauty that is Fall! Great rug!