Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's Finally Done

The colors are not just right and I have a blurry spot on it but it's done!
Except for the binding that is.
OK I have a big secret OK at least it is to me.
do you want to know what it is???
I am teaching a beginning rug hooking class.
There I have said it. I know there are many of you
that are way more talented than I am.
They approached me at first I said no but
I gave it another thought and said why not???
My first class was last night it was fun and there
was talent in that room.
My next door neighbor is one of the students she
called to tell me she was bringing me dinner now how great is that?
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Julia said...

Congratulations on finishing your little mat and
congratulations on teaching others how to hook by teaching rug hooking... It's nice to have some creative talents in the group.

Keep us up to date on how things are going. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures of rugs in the future. Good luck with this.


Primitive Stars said...

How great Cathy, I think I need you to teach me how to get better at it.....Love your rug, beautiful...Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Your rug looks wonderful!!!
Congrats on your class. I am sure you will be a fantastic teacher and get your students hooked.
Hugs :)

yaya said...

Good for you! I'm sure the class is a ton of fun and creativity! One of my fav places to get a cute item is called "Backdoor Primitives" and they also have rug hooking supplies and other crafty things going on. Well, I went in the other day and they are closing so they can just have rug hooking classes and supplies. I'm not a hooker, but I'm betting there are many around here who do hook..should be a good place to hang out. Have a good weekend. I missed your previous post somehow..your Granddaughter is so adorable and she's growing up fast!

annie said...

good for you!!

Cathy G. said...

Oh Cathy! Welcome to the teaching world of rug hooking! I felt the same way when I first started teaching and still get a little nervous before each class. But when my students say at the end of the class how much they enjoyed it and I see them hooking away it brings so much happiness and satisfaction! You will be blessed with so many new friends!
I love your rug it is so sweet and cheerful!
Congrats and big hugs for taking that step into teaching!
Cathy G

Lynn said...

Way to go! Not only getting your mat done (and I think the colors look great) but also the teaching gig. Teaching is good for the soul and like Cathy G said you will get so much more out of it!

From Sherry's Heart said...

1st of all Cathy GREAT job on your rug!!!
2nd of all,why the hell SHOULDN'T you be teaching rug hooking???
I've seen your pictures that you've posted here of your rugs and you obviously know what you're doing and how to hook,so why not share your knowledge to teach others!!!!???!!! I'm positive all the "others" are very happy that you decided to teach!!! And I say,Super Fantastic for you!!! And are ya gonna post pictures from your classes??

Saundra said...

Isn't it a great sense of accomplishment when you finally finish a long overdue project? I know it is for me. And yours rug looks maw-velous m'dear.

Congratulations on your teaching. You will do just fine!


Judy said...


moosecraft said...

Love this hooked rug! The coloring in it is so antique! Congrats to teaching your first class too!

Sweet Tea said...

Ohhhhhh, VERY pretty! Sounds like fun too!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

So, you have hookers in training! LOL!!! Yay for you, it sounds like so much fun!

Love the new piece!

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

It's just lovely!!

Tolentreasures said...

Congratulations on your class! I think that is great! When I taught painting classes, I always learned so much more also! Good for you!


Rebecca said...

Wonderful news! You will be a great teacher. The rug looks amazing but I knew it would. :) Cheers


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

All the time I was reading this I was hoping you were teaching these clases in my part of Texas. lol
Seriously I think it's a super great idea and you will love it.
Already your seeing rewards from it a student cooking for you. lol
So love your work and you have a gift and I am happy your sharing it.