Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Ta Da Dump

I was lucky enough to snag all of these recent magazines from the magazine rack.

I found some movies. I am trying to stock pile movies for cheap or free for our long winter
of recovery. And I scored a couple of cookbooks. Yes that is a Julia Child's!

 I am down to this my sweet friends. Yep glasses all the time and bifocals(progressive) I really had no problem getting use to them. Wow I had no idea how dirty my house is yikes.
David is doing better and getting some dental work done before he can go on with the transplant.
Of all the things for my brave husband to be afraid of it is the dentist. I guess we all have our Achilles heel.
Don't start tackling tomorrow's problems until tomorrow. You don't have tomorrow's strength yet. You simply have enough for today.We don't need to know what will happen tomorrow......Max Lucado


yaya said...

Great finds! I'm such a magazine freak and I just bought a new Halloween cookbook/decorating/party book..I would have loved to have found a freebie! I hate the Dentist too, but not because I'm afraid of's his bill that sends shivers up my spine!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

It's just blasphemous to toss that Julia Child cookbook, aren't you good for rescuing it!

Love the quote!

vintagesue said...

what an in inspiring post!! happy belated anniversary and wow...dump stuff always makes one happy!!!
i too have those progressive lenses. they sure do make things clear, eh? lol.
i wanted to throw mine across the room, but i am used to them now!!!
enjoy your dump stash!
take care

Julia said...

Hi Cathy, great haul again. I collect cookbooks too from Value Village secondhand store but lately they raised their prices so yesterday I put the book back on the shelf and complained about their price hike. All the stuff in the store is donated so they make lots of money because it's always packed but people are starting to complain.

I laughed at you seeing your house dirty with your new glasses. I have a solution, just let your glasses get dirty so you won't see the dirt in the house. lol.

I like that quote of Max Lucado. I hope all will go well for David. I hate going to the dentist too. Hugs, JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and David.
Big hugs, too :)

jennifer768 said...

I am with your hubby,always hated going to the dentist. Loved the quote.Hugs,Jen

camp and cottage living said...

Happy reading. I love to browse through their pages too.
You do have a brave husband, for sure. My thoughts and prayers are with you both as time draws closer for his transplant.
Blessing, Kimberly

AshTreeCottage said...

So true ~ Max is so wise. Cathy, your dump is to die for! I am continually impressed with your "haul". Continued prayers.

Susan and Bentley

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hang in there, I hate the dentist also the trick is bring a ipod and turn it up it actually helps alittle.

Courtney said...

There's not much to like about the dentist, so I don't really blame him. Hope all goes well with his appt. Sending strong prayers for his up and coming transplant.

p.s. I've been in bi-focals for a while. Don't try to hike in them! LOL

Rose H (UK) said...

Such wonerful things Cathy! I love cookery books :o)
So pleased that David is feeling better, sending best wishes and positive thoughts as always.
Rose H

Dianne said...

Julia Child! Good for you finding it! I started on TRI-focals several years ago and finally got used to the progressive ones. Like them so much better than lines.

deb said...

I have major magazine issues...I just cant stop buying them!!!!! love the ideals ones!!!!

Kim said...

I would love to have a Julia Child's cookbook. You gotta love a woman whose every recipe starts with a pound of butter. LOL
I agree with Hubby on the dentist - yuck!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Great finds Cathy, glad to here hubby is holding his own, keeping you both in my prayers. Hugs, Julie.

Nezzy said...

Wonderful finds to keep ya'll occupied through recovery. Know my heart and prayers are wrapped around ya'll.

I share your hubs Achille's Heel. I been heard sayin' I'd rather have a baby than go to the dentist...and I'm 59!!! Heeehehehe!

God bless ya both and have a beautiful weekend!!! :o)

Saundra said...

I need to go with you to da dump and maybe even do some dumpster diving and see what kind of goodies we can find. You sure do find some great stuff. Great recycling and saving money too.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Such a wonderful quote by Max Lucado and wish I would live by it.
Your right we all have our Achilles heel and I am like your hubby about the dentist.
As always honey you really got some bargains.
I was checking on you both and sending you much love and prayers