Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

The hospital is full of all kinds of goblins and ghosts. Really medical staff disguised.
I brought my camera but no cord so pictures next week.
David still doing well I thank God for that 2 1/2 days of chemo 1 1/2 to before transplant.
I want to thank you for all of your wonderful comments I read them over and over while he is sleeping. (I can't even focus on the book I brought to read.)
Have a safe Halloween and don't eat to much candy


Larkrise garden girl said...

Your rug is so cute. It's hard to focus when your thoughts are over the place. David is lucky to have such a wonderful wife. He'll be O.K.Just think positive and this time will go quickly.Hugs

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Sending prayers to your husband for a speedy recovery, and to you for being David's rock!

Isn't it nice that the staff is in the spirit, hopefully it's putting a smile on many faces!

Happy Halloween!

Kim said...

I've been thinking of you and was glad to read an update. You both have all our prayers and best wishes being sent your way.
Happy Halloween.

Dianne said...

Glad to hear David is doing well. We are actually flying into Boston on Thursday to see my husband's younger daughter and her husband. Hopefully, there will not be enough snow to interfere with the trip or leave us stranded! ;-)

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Good to see an update from your -- holding you all close in prayer!


camp and cottage living said...

I'm still praying friend.
It's understandable you can't concentrate right now, with so.. much on your mind.

Ginger said...

So glad all is well so far. You be careful on the slick sidewalks walking to the hospital. The two of you are in my prayers. Thanks for keeping your blog friends updated. I find the Lord brings you to mind many times during the day. A good thought goes up for you when He does. I'm like you I don't care for the big city. I know it will be much better when you get David home and can take good care of him. The holidays will be simple but you'll be together in your sweet home.

Til next time...God bless you both.

Rose H (UK) said...

This must be a rug you've made Cathy, I love it.
Pleased that everything is going to plan, though I'm sure you must both be preoccupied. Still in my thoughts
Rose H

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Happy Halloween to you both. Stay strong and prayers and good thoughts are sent your way.

yaya said...

Happy Halloween to you both. I'm so glad he's doing good. I work in a hospital and it's fun to dress up a bit and be more human to the patients at this time of year. This time next year you both can dress up and have fun and good health..that's my prayer for you and David tonight!

Courtney said...

Too late...I've already had about 4 pieces. Tom wanted my to pick up candy in case we had trick or treaters. Well, no one is coming up this lonely it's mine, all mine! I'm happy to hear good reports from you both. You know I'm praying hard, girl! I think of you both many time a day. Keep the your "go to" book!! Tomorrow's All Saint's Day!
Bless you both!

Stacy Crawford said...

I'm glad you got some Halloween cheer. Our central office staff stopped in our building today all dressed up. It was fun for the kids to see them.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Glad to hear so far so good.
Prayers still coming your way!
Hugs :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that things continue to go well for your dear husband. It is nice to know that the Halloween spirit can be found even in a hospital. Happy Halloween!

Donna said...

I'm sure it's hard to concentrate on anything just now. Try to relax and read though or the time will really drag for you. I hope that you can find some peace and trust that all our prayers are working and then time may go a bit faster. On my knees for you and your dear David!!

Connie said...

Continue to take care. Best wishes and prayers......thinking of you.

judemiller1 said...

It's difficult to focus on anything--I used to take something to crochet while Fred was in ICU and I had to sit in the waiting room for hours--even hard to do that. I am glad Dave is sleeping a lot--he won't remember half of what is going on and that is a good thing. Prayers going out to you and him.

Jacqueline said...

Best wishes for you and your husband.

Balisha said...

I took some small quilting projects while I waited for my husband to have radiation. When I look at them now...there are so many crooked stitches. Never could concentrate on reading though.
I'm keeping you both in my prayers.
Hope the time goes fast for you guys.

The Barn Door said...

Thinking of you both! I'm a country gal too, hang in there you will both be home soon!!

Julia said...

Hi dear Cathy, I've been having a difficult time with my blog but I've got it back along with my identity.

I'm still holding you and David in my prayers. You are both very courageous and so many people care for you both.
I can understand not being able to concentrate as you have been through a lot. Take care and stay safe and warm. Hugs, JB

Julia said...

Hi dear Cathy, I've been thinking of you and David and you are still both in my prayers.
Soon this will come to pass and it will all be just a memory.

Wishing you strength and courage. Hugs, JB

Donna said...

As a friend told me once "chin up, and take one day at a time". I will be praying for fast healing for all involved, peace of mind, strength, and thoughtful care for those taking care of all of you.

jody said...

hi cathy and dave, just checking in and letting you know that i am sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way! the weather here is getting crisper. and we have the s work in site for saturday..i seem to be finding more and more to get done b/4 the s word starts flying! plz take care you two!

Kim @ Touch of Nostalgia said...

Checking in here also. Hoping all is going as planned and David is now on his road to recovery. Plenty of good thoughts and healing prayers being sent your way.

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
~ Hubert H. Humphrey