Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Very Busy Weekend

A very busy weekend! On Friday I got these at the dump. The Easter baskets are new, the tins are vintage and the yellow planter is new. I can put all to good use.
 Then Sat the husband and I went out to yard sales. We paid more for the coffee we stopped to buy than what we got at a yard sale. yes folks it is a musical cheese box top:0) Why I wanted it was beyond me but for .25 I had to bring it home.
 On the way home from the yard sales we stopped at our dump store. I got these wooden candle holders (handmade) and see the book in the far right I got that also.
 It is full of vintage prints like this one.....
 and this one perfect for framing. I really think that was a good free find.
 I also got this lobster top to a dish. The dish is long gone but for some reason I loved him.
 and now I know why he is keeping my napkins from blowing around. "Good job lobster."
 A couple of weeks ago we got these bar stools at a yard sale 10.00 a piece. They are solid maple and made in the USA.
 Some sanding and 4 cans of spray paint later I have these. I love them so much and they are better than what we had. I am hooking a hit or miss chair pad for each of them.(Slowly)
 Since my husband has been sick he has worried about weird things. And one of those things was who would split his wood for him. Well he told someone on the fire department and this morning they showed up split all the wood cut a few trees he wanted down and left before noon. David has been a part of the fire department in one way or the other since he was 18. he was so over whelmed by their kindness.
I had my friend in for coffee this morning so wonderful to talk. Miss Baby showed up for the afternoon and one of my husband's former students came over. He was in my husband's second year of teaching. So now husband is sleeping in his chair and I am going for one of my fresh made cookies to hold me over until dinner. The weather couldn't have been better, lots of gardening got done. It is early to bed for us tonight. Have a great week.


Rose H (UK) said...

You've had some great 'finds' :o) I love your lobster too, and think he's the perfect napkin anchor! I couldn't have left the cheese box lid either.
Your dear hubby's collegues are such sweet darlings..and they've clearly taken a load off David's mind. It's so lovely to know that people care :o)
You're both in my thoughts daily Cathy. Sending my very best wishes
Rose H x

Larkrise garden girl said...

The kindness of others is such a blessing when you need it. I am glad you were able to see your grandbaby. You always get a deal. Hugs cheri

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

what great it all...great job on the bar stools too....and so NICE of those people to come and help out...sometimes we can just be overwhelmed by nice

happy to visit here today

kary and teddy

Julia said...

It sounds like you had a perfect weekend. So nice for the firemen to pitch in to help get fire wood for your husband. This should ease his worries a wee bit. Your thrift bar stools are gorgeous after you finished with them. Nice job. I see that you like baskets too. Have a great week. Hugs and prayers, JB

Okio B Designs said...

You did great this weekend! I love your lobster!


Leontien said...

Oh i liked the candle holders!

I just hopped over from Julia's and it is nice to "meet" you!


Pat said...

Such a wonderful thing for the men of the fire dept. to do for you and your husband.
Love the black on the bar stools. Years ago my Grandmother told me that every room should have a black piece.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
As always, you found some great goodies. LOVE the bar stools and I'm anxious to see what you hook for them.
So glad hubby is able to go with you!
Thinking of you both and sending prayers and hugs :)

Julia said...

Hi Cathy, I thought that I left a comment on your blog but I see it didn't make it. I must have zig when I should have zagged. lol. It sound like you had a wonderful weekend . It so thoughtful of your husband's old firemen comrades to come give him a hand with the getting his wood ready.

Your bar stools are wonderful, what a great job you did. It's nice that you continue to do the usual thing.

To answer your question Cathy. On December 19, 2002 I had a radical mastectomy for advanced breast cancer. I also had some lymph nodes removed under my armpit and had chemo and radiation treatments. I had 5 of my lymph nodes showed positive for cancer. I was told that I would probably die of breast cancer. I try to live my life as positive as I can. I was also told to take precaution of not getting my right hand infected as I could develop lymphedema.

My ten year since I started taking my estrogen
blocker is almost up. I keep my fingers crossed.

There are just no guarantee in life. Some of my friends were healthy and died in car accidents, farm accident and heart attack but some also died of various cancers. I'm lucky that I'm still above ground.

Have a save and wonderful week. JB

Stacy Crawford said...

It looks like you had a lot of good finds. I love your pair of chairs.

It is so nice that the fire dept. helped cut firewood. It seems like your husband has touched a lot of lives and now those people are giving a little back. That is such a wonderful cycle.

Farm Girl said...

I just got caught up on all of your back posts. I am so thankful that your prayers were answered and the diagnosis wasn't what it was originally. I do think that is prayer. I am so glad the doctor was wise to tell you to get back to life. Not to mention that you are. I love all of your finds and I am so thankful that your prayers were heard. I will still keep you on my prayer list.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I'm happy to see you are out and about and shopping up a storm! Love the candlesticks! The lobster, how adorable is he? I love the bar stools, great color choice, and I bet the chair pads will look fantastic.

It's also heartwarming that the fire dept. guys showed up to take that stress off your husband!

Have a wonderful day!


Donna said...

What thoughtfulness to come and help with the wood!! Sometimes being in blogland, you feel liek a friend and want to help too. The thing that I can do is pray...please know I am!
Love the lobster! You DO find the most amazing things!! Enjoy your time with Miss Baby!!

yaya said...

So much done in so few days! Whew! You really got some fun finds. The lobster made me smile..the first pic he looks so sad, the second he looks like he's smiling with his new job of napkin holding..maybe I'm losing it? Love the stools! What kind friends you have. I'm always amazed how generous and helpful people are. We don't here about the good very often, so thanks for the uplift! Have a good week!

Courtney said...

Gosh you do have good luck with the yard sale/dump run finds! A musical cheese box is a must have! I love what you did with the stools. They look amazing. Sounds like you both are getting out and having some pleasant time together. I'm glad for you. Know that I'm still keeping those prayers coming!
Have a good week,

Orange Sink said...

Awesome finds Cathy! Love what you did with the stools and a hit and miss pad will look wonderful!
You have some great friends there to help with the wood chopping! It's what my hubby would be worrying about too! He's obsessed with firewood!
Keeping you and hubby close in good thoughts!
Cathy G

Dianne said...

Hi, Cathy! So good to hear that you two have had a good time being out and about...with some fun finds too! What a sweet gesture on the part of his Firehouse friends! I hope that's one less worry now. Will keep you all in my prayers.

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Cathy, More dump finds! Nice prints in that book; definitely would be beautiful framed. Your stools look great.
~ Julie

AshTreeCottage said...

What great friends you have! I am glad that you two are enjoying life and carrying on. We are still praying.

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

hilary @ the upcycle furniture co. said...

good dump finds! the chairs look great:)

Lisa Shannon said...

Take care of each other, thinking of you and still praying for you both in England.

Love and very best wishes
Lisa xx

RonJoe 'Geezer' said...

When I find something for .25 cents at a yard sale, I almost always buy it whether I need it or not :-)

Saundra said...

Just LUV that lobster, great finds. I try to stay away from yard sales because I really need to be getting rid of stuff instead of bringing it home.