Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Friends With Rhubarb

I am so happy to have a friend with a large rhubarb patch.
Because I could bake this! a rhubarb, strawberry, and blueberry pie. I threw about 2/3 of a cup of blue berries in and it made it soooooo sweet and tasty I will now do this all the time.                               
 When I get home from work on my early days we like some appetizers on the porch. It has been so cold and rainy that we have not had much chance. Tonight was the night, some ice coffee and a time to talk.
 But look who likes to crash the party. Of course she gets her share of cheese and then curls up in the chair and sleeps while we continue to talk.
 I have been cleaning and baking as you can see, I also made peanut butter cookies David's favorite. I really enjoy baking although my thighs do not. It has started to pour so hard here so peaceful on the porch listening to the rain on the roof. I have been reading lately trying to relax so I can sleep. I will share the books next post, a couple I have enjoyed. Have a great rest of the week.



Rose H (UK) said...

Oh yum Cathy! Where would I start? I've had to leave my rhubarb as it is it's first year in the garden, can hardly wait until next year!
Sending best wishes to you both as always.
Rose H

Larkrise garden girl said...

Looks yummy!

Orange Sink said...

I'll bet that pie was delish! And that milk shake looks even more delish!
I love your green enamel table. Sounds so relaxing and enjoyable on your porch with the rain drops on the roof. Rained all day here so I hope the sun shines tomorrow!
Hope sleep goes better tonight!
Cathy G

yaya said...

Mmmmm...the pie looks so yummy and I'd never thought to put blueberries in too, very smart! It's moves like that, that win pie contests. I'd so love to have a screened in porch to sit in whether it was rain or shine!

Stacy Crawford said...

Wish you lived closer. I have a rhubarb plant that I hardly ever get to use all of it. I'd give you the whole crop!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
Can I come for some pie? Oh, does that sound yummy! But rather than iced coffee, I'd prefer some wine!!!
Hugs :)

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

I am loving this post because it has two of some of my favorite things. I see a kitty!!! AND Rhubarb PIE!!!!!! Your party for two, ummm three, looks delicious :)

Dianne said...

OMGoodness! Just look at that pie and feast! Looks delicious and I will definitely have to make one for my pie-loving husband. He can leave a cake sitting there but definitely not a pie!

I love your front porch. It looks so peaceful. I especially the door to the porch from an earlier post.


The Barn Door said...

That pie looks mouth-watering!!

Julia said...

I have lots of rhubarbs that I could share with you. That pie looks mighty good. Congratulations to the winning team. JB

Julia said...

Oh my, that pie looks good. I have plenty of rhubarbs that I would love to share with you. Nice that you can take the time to relax enjoy the moments. Hugs. JB

Courtney said...

Oh I wish I was there to try that pie! Your porch looks very inviting! I like to hear the rain's romantic!

Tolentreasures said...

That pie looks so good, last night some of the people at VBS were talking about rhubarb pie, thinking I need to plant some rhubarb.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh i just LOVE visiting you...the pie looks so delicious....

happt to stop by for a visit today, my friend

kary and teddy

Kathy said...

Have tried rhubarb - and it was at a friend's house. Looks delicious!