Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Weekend

I treated myself to a couple of things this weekend. I fell in love with this, it is silver plate. look at the wonderful flowers embossed  on this. and the other side has daffodils. It was a steal so I had to have it.                                               
 The same booth had this ex large caning jar with a zinc top. great storage for my rice. The total for both was 25.00 which I thought was great.
My dump find this weekend is 2 unused candles. I burn candles all the time so good find.
 My paper whites are in full bloom. They make me so happy.
 Miss baby came to grammie and pepe's house for the first time today. They had pictures taken, omg is she the cutest! That is grammie talking. That would be her daddy's arms holding her up. she is now 1 month.
 I have thought about the place I sit and hook. It is always a bit messy but comfortable. The bowl on the left floor is where I put all of my little pieces. I put a piece of high density foam under the cushion so the seat would be stiff and I wouldn't sink in so much. This is in our living room I can watch TV while working.  This picture is after organizing a bit. I would love to know about the place you sit and hook rugs or stitch. Are you neat and organized or does it get out of control? Is it a common room or do you have your own place away from the family?
I won a gift cert to the movies at work so husband and I went to the movies last night to see It's Complicated. I would not recommend it, not really that funny. It didn't cost us anything so I don't feel cheated.  I hope your weekend was wonderful.
Today's quote:    Big deal! I'm used to dust.......gravestone epitaph requested by Erma Bombeck(1927-1996)


Sunny simple life said...

I love Erma Bombeck. And cute cute is the picture of the baby.

Courtney said...

The little pitcher is great. It looks like lily of the valley on the front. I love that flower. Your weekend sounds lovely. My hooking spot is usually in my big comfy chair in the den...also in front of the TV with my husband in the other chair. I have wool draped over the side of the chair. If I've cut strips in advance, I'll use a bowl like you do. This crafting area gets totally out of control...right now there are 4 pincushions (I've been busy), an old bowl full of buttons and floss, and my little snips bag on the table next to me. On the ottoman, I have several dye books, a book on spinning, and a bunch of magazines. I won't even delve into the yarn basket to my right. I could take over an upstairs bedroom to craft, but I like to have hubby near to visit with.
Have a great night,

cottageprims said...

Always amazed by your dump finds..LoL..The grandbaby is adorable.Warm Blessings!~Amy

The Barn Door said...

That baby is precious!!! I love your hooking chair. I sit in the living room at night next to my dad, watching tv and hooking. It's my sit down time of the day with him and my hooking time. It's not so comfortable and much messier than yours! And I'm having trouble with my new lap frame. Just can't get it to fit right no my lap. Have decided it's too big! Love your 'finds', lucky you!

Jane said...

The candles,and pitchure,were very nice. miss baby,so cute,and don't they grow like weeds? My gg son Noah,is 14 mths and such a little charmer. I sew too but I have to use a common room. And yes things can get pretty messy, I try to pick up as I go. But sometimes I could do a better job of it. Blessings jane

yaya said...

Great finds..I love the silver pitcher! The paper whites are so pretty, but I don't like their smell, am I weird? Your Grandkiddo is adorable! She's only one month old? I swear my kids didn't smile until they were 7..Ok, maybe 6wks..cute, cute picture. I usually plop myself on this chair in the computer room since I don't sew or anything. I do have a fav spot in the kitchen for reading my magazine addiction...right next to the M&Ms.

Kim said...

The baby is getting so big (and cute)! My hooking corner is always messy. The side table is full with hooks, snippets, scissors etc. Oh, and usually some kind of snack.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love the silver, That baby is soooooo cute!
When I am Hooking I like to sit in a big recliner that reminds me of a little kid in a giant chair.I am a bit messy. I don't like to be in my little quilt room. The front room is the best with the T.V on and Maulie looking out the window. When it's cold I have the woodburning stove going and Morris is sleeping next to it in Maulie's dog bed.Cheri

Tolentreasures said...

Great finds! My paper whites are done. They weren't as impressive as yours, but then I am not good with "indoor" plants. Cute pic of the baby. How adorable! I did clean up my recliner stitching area. It grows and grows and when it meets the fireplace, I clean it up.
Love the quote!


One Cheap B*tch said...

Look at that angel! =) And your weekend stash ain't so bad either!


Donna said...

The baby is just adorable!!! She looks older than a alert!! Neat that she smiles already!
Your "finds" are great as the amber candle!!
My hubby and I had a movie date today...but I ended up cooking all day instead (sick neighbor, food for kids etc.) tired now..heading for bed before we get some giant ice storm promised to us!!!

Martha said...

Lovely finds -- and don't you just love paperwhites!!! I love the aroma that fills the room!!!!

Looks like you had a busy weekend!

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

looks like you had a great weekend.. great finds

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

Could she possibly be any cuter. I love the head band. Great finds also, Lucky duck!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cathy ~
What a great pic of Brynlee. She is a doll.
Since I live alone and don't have a working TV, I spend most of my time in my computer/craft room. It is a very small room that gets totally out of control on a regular basis!!!
Great finds ~ free and otherwise!
Hugs :)

cathy said...

Cute, cute little one!!
And I can totally relate to Erma Bombeck's sentiment about dust!

Kim @ Touch of Nostalgia said...

I love your finds. I always do ;) I used a large canning jar with a lightening closure for my rice also. Miss Baby is getting so big!! They grow up so fast. Love your quote. ;)