Sunday, January 9, 2011

Giveaway News

We had snow squalls this weekend that caused a 40 car pile up on the highway.  Glad I was home.                                                                                                
 Now on with the giveaway. I will add something to the give away each time I post. It will be something I find at a thrift store,free, or something I make. I will draw a name on Jan 27th, one person will win it all. Just leave me a comment and you can enter each time I add something to the giveaway. If you mention the giveaway on your blog, let me know and you will be entered again. To start the count down to my one year blog anniversary I am going to start with a dvd that is so cute. and a pomander I got at the thrift store. It is transfer ware made in England, and it will be filled with something that smells nice. Sorry only U.S. and Canadian blogers only (its the shipping:(
It was a trying weekend my husband is sick with a head cold. We were invited to dinner with friends, we had to cancel. We were suppose to go see that sweet new grand baby we couldn't.  So I had myself a pity party and to have a pity party you serve no refreshments and no one comes to visit. I was so mad at him and then common sense kicked in about oh 15 hours later. I know it is not his fault. Still not happy but did say I was sorry, lets just hope I do not get it. I am hold up in the spare bedroom and he is banned from even touching the door knob, poor husband.
You made me laugh with your comments about bread and chocolate. and a Big WELCOME to my new followers only 12 more and its 100!
My ending quote: If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.... Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884-1980) oh so catty ha


Patti said...

and when men are sick, they are pathetic!! and we all need pity-parties now and's hoping for no more germs and clear roads!!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I love a give away. Good luck everyone. Sorry to hear about your husbands head cold. I heard fresh bread from a bakery cures the common head cold of a sick husband. Oh,or maybe it just makes the wife feel better. I forget. LOL!!! Have a great week.

Orange Sink said...

Hi Cathy,
I can't believe I missed that post on bread and chocolate! I had to go read it! You do have a dilemma there girl! I'd go completely insane if it were me because I have absolutely NO willpower!
I hope your hubby gets over that cold soon and you stay healthy! You won't be able to last long without seeing that darling baby girl!
Your give-away should be a blast! Congrats on the new followers!
Cathy G

Donna said...

Sorry about the cancelled trip...I'd be sooo sad! Hope you can reschedule soon and your hubby feels better!!

Julia said...

I hope that your husband's cold goes away and that you will soon be able to go visit your little granddaughter. If you couldn't go to your friends maybe you can invite them over when the cost is clear. Have fun with your give away. JB

cottageprims said...

Every now and again a good pitty party is what's needed.When I'm sick I want left alone but hubby is opposite he's cranky and whiney two things I hate.LoL..Sorry you missed dinner with friends and seeing the new grandbaby.Look on the bright side you weren't in the pile up.LoL..Count me in on the giveaway.Warm Blessings!~Amy

yaya said...

I don't like to tempt fate..if I make a remark about a "sickie" in the house, I usually get it next! Hope he feels better soon and you stay well... (I would be bummed about not seeing the new Grandkiddo however!) The giveaway sounds fun!

Larkrise garden girl said...

I hope hubby becomes germ free soon!A give away sign me up please, Cheri

Dog Trot Farm said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your darling new grandbaby. I am however glad you were unable to venture out, you could possibly have gotten caught up in that horrible car pile up! How quickly the weather conditions change, snow squalls are down right dangerous. Please add me to your fun filled giveaway!

Sunny simple life said...

Oh I am sure it is killing you to not go see the baby. I understand you can't go if you are sick. I sweat by Zycam spray. The pot in my photo I think is a tea pot cause of the strainer built inside but it is so tall for a tea pot.


Stay safe and warm.

I hope your husband feels better soon :-)


vintagesue said...

glad you missed all the scary stuff on the road this weekend!!!! yikes.
i love calendar girls. that movie made me cry for some reason. i just adored it.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sorry your hubby is so sick.
Your one year giveaway sounds awesome. Put my name in under Maggie and
Now while I am lucky enough to be visiting you I have to read your next post too about Bread.
My giveaway ends the same day.
When I get back from the hospital late tonight I will try to remember to put yours on my sidebar

Dana and Daisy said...

Daisy would love a window that was low like that one so she could look outside anytime!

Gayle said...

I love it when I can stay home when the weather is nasty - it's no fun to drive in, that's for sure!

Dianne said...

What a neat and clever idea for a giveaway! I hope Mr. Acorn Hollow is feeling just fine by now...

Susanne said...

Congratulations on one year blogging. What a fun giveaway idea!

saltbox treasures said...

We miss our grandbaby too!!! :(. Now we only get to see her about every other month since they live 7 hours away, but it's only an hour flight.
What a fun giveaway, to continue adding items!
Please sign me up (I assume this is the post you are using for the drawing).
Congrats on your new followers!
~ Julie

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

I was just reading your post from today and thought I would enter your giveaway while I was here catching up! Happy blogaversary to you!!

BTW I LOVE that beautiful tree in your blog header!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, no! Sick hubbies can be worse than sick babies!
I think your idea for a giveaway is very sweet--very sweet!