Monday, August 14, 2017

A Day Trip....

We took a little trip to Portsmouth (NH)

We saw a great white.

We got on the Thomas Leighton and headed for Star Island. It's little island that is in a group of islands about 7 miles off the coast of NH. The group of islands is called Isle's of shoals.
I went last year to a rug hooking retreat and I am going back again next month. But this little island stole my heart. I had to share with my husband. He liked it a lot but didn't love it like I do. There were people who were making baskets, learning to cane chairs and knitting. that is just on the porch! 

On the way home we passed some very old boats.
I think this is called a frigate but I not sure, it was built in the 1700's!

And some fire boats...

So wonderful to watch...

( Yes that is my thumb) We had a fly over of antique planes.

This is another Frigate that was a classroom on water.
Again 1700's
A beautiful day on the water.
After we had a nice seafood meal a perfect day. 
But I can't wait to get back to Star Island for my week of rug hooking and friends!!!
Have a great week my friends.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Birthday Weekend

The summer flowers and butterflies are in full color...

This is sweet B. She was making things from rings of 
terry cloth. She looks like a little flower child.
She made me a snow globe for my birthday. It sits right on the window sill over my sink so I can see it every day.

I picked up this little hooked rug at a yard sale some time ago 
It sits on my coffee table on my porch and holds my 

I picked this lamp shade at a thrift this past week.
I have them on most of the lamps on my porch. they are home made and real pressed flowers. I love how they have a soft glow pretty perfect for the porch.
Have a wonderful week!