Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rain, Heat=Busy

I know I haven't posted in 2 weeks and when I look back I 
can't think of any one thing but I can think of a hundred things.
Last weekend I headed to Maine to help a friend clean a summer rental. We treated ourselves to a very large lobster roll at the end of the day. yum!
But it was cold and rainy and when I got home husband had the fireplace going it was so raw.

By Wed when I had my women's group over for dinner.
it was 90. We hadn't gotten together since thanksgiving so everyone
was so happy to get together. I had 12 ladies here, very fun catching up.

Since I do not do 90's ( I hate hot and humid) but it did cooled off enough I could have my coffee on the porch before work and really enjoy it. Ahhh spring how I love you.

This would be a close up of B's nose she is picking and smelling flowers and her nose shows it. It was bright yellow from the dandelions. It's funny we see weeds and a child see a beautiful flower. It is all about the small things.
 My husband broke my washer by accident
and it took a week before it was fixed. I was left to go to
the laundry mat holy quarters! I haven't been in years and I was shocked what people have to pay to do laundry a week. I just washed and brought it home to dry and spent over 10.00
What if we had a big family???
So that is what I have been doing a little cleaning, a few runs to the laundry mat and hanging with B.

Monday, May 8, 2017

cold, Rainy, gloomy

Yes that is snow on the mountains! this picture was taken today.

But for some reason things are still blooming this is much prettier than this picture.

Since I have had greenhouse withdrawal I went to just walk around
(still to cold to plant outside) and treated myself to this topiary.
And a very sweet bee.
My rug hooking buddy made me this, I failed to show it last time.
Yes that is a wine cork! 

On Mondays my treat to myself is a lemon poppy seed muffin
with a nice hot cup of coffee when I get settled at work.
So today I notice that there are calories listed.
What! why is the cheese danish 150 calories less than a muffin that has no streusel topping or frosting of any kind on it.Muffin plain and simple. 
So I bought the danish thinking I would love it, but I really wanted the muffin
 I am just baffled by that.
We are in the rain for the rest of the week with a stronger storm coming in this weekend. So I am home reading.
I just finished reading her newest I didn't care for it. 
What are you reading??