Sunday, February 2, 2020

What The Ground Hog Said...

He did not see his shadow so an early spring. We have had a very mild winter and I am not complaining but the people who ski and the pond hockey people are not happy. But my guess is we have 6 more weeks of winter. But truly it is going pretty fast.

I got to my rug hooking guild meeting this weekend! I rarely get to go but they were sweet and happy to see me.
I left a bit early and hit a wool sale buy 4 yards get a yard free.
So yes I have fallen off the wool wagon. I had a whole year of no purchases but I am making up for it now lol. I have a big rug I want to start at some point so I bought for that.
(the white is not quite as blinding as that picture)

I worked this week on finding recipes I have not used in a long while or never. I feel like we are in a dinner rut. If you have any ideas let me know.
This is Swedish meatballs and yummm they came out great. 

Today I made Chicken stew with a puff pastry topping.

Before the topping went on.
I put on a vest I hadn't worn in awhile and it shrunk!!!
I am going to have to have someone look at that closet.
Have a great week!


Rugs and Pugs said...

That middle wool is one of my favorites! Congrats on making a year on the wool wagon. I couldn't make a month.
I HATE when my clothes shrink!!!
It has been a wonderful winter. We hit 52* today, I think, and will do so again tomorrow. No complaints from me :)

Prims By The Water said...

I actually forgot it was Groundhog day today...glad he did not see his shadow. With recipes, I have been on a salad kick. Bob will eat any kind of salad as long as it has meat in it. Tomorrow night is an Oriental chicken one. Pita pizza's are a fast meal. Add pizza sauce to pita bread and add your fav toppings and cheese and bake 350 for 10 min. Janice

Laurie said...

I never put much faith in a rodent lol,,, your food sounds so good, you’ve made me hungry!

Saundra said...

Cathy, sorry some clothes in your closet have shrunk ~ seems like that also happened to me within the last 3 months. I'll either have to reduce my intake of carbs or increase my physical activities.

Three Sheep Studio said...

I love your choices of wool !
I understand that dinner rut. I’m always trying to change up the rotation. Trying a new meal every couple of weeks helps.

moosecraft said...

Hey! I've got the same kinda closet that you have!!! lol! But, those swedish meatballs and chicken stew look soooooo yummy! :-)
We've had a mild winter here too....maybe 3 inches of snow total? And (luckily) it all melts quickly.
Our local grocery store has citrus on sale this we've stocked up on oranges, pineapple...and a melon. Most for only a dollar or two and all was juicy and sweet! Can't wait to get gardening here... If we made it through January....we can make it 6 more weeks! :-)

yaya said...

I think there's a virus going around that shrinks clothes since mine have too! It's been a mild winter here, in fact it was 65 on Monday. However tonight it's raining and will turn to ice and then snow by AM..just in time for me to drive to work and hopefully not fall getting from the parking lot to the hospital. Our employee lot is across the street and down the block. A 1/4 mile walk of treacherous ice! Yikes! Enjoy your woolfest! I'm sure the rug will be lovely. Take care Cathy

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Love that photo!! It really made me laugh!!!
Since you went for a whole year without buying wool, you CERTAINLY DESERVED a REWARD!!!
Have not had Swedish Meatballs in a long time and it looks so yummy, as does the chicken!
I think everyone has that kind of closet!!! lol
Take care and have a great week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

518Frenchgirl said...

Hi Cathy, your meals look delicious, get rid of the vest! Loving your stair risers! Hoping you are enjoying this sunny cold day. I have been wanting to make beef Bolognese and have made wonton soup and cauliflower soup recently. XO Marilou