Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Secret Cornstalk person

This is outside our kitchen...While having my morning coffee.

We are swamped with tourist leaf peeping this weekend.
So we tried to get off the beaten path...

We both have lived in New England all of our life.
Mostly in New Hampshire....

But the colors, the smell, the sweater weather never cease to 
to go straight to our souls and we have to soak up it all up!  Some falls are better than others but all are just splendid! I am always sad to see it fade away.

I met up with my friend on Thursday for a church rummage sale.
And we went to a local old mill for a rug show.
This is 92 inches by 96 inches The woman who drew and started to hook it, died before she was finished with it, and it was given to I believe her nephew and wife and they finished it. It is on loan from a local museum. This is a picture of a tour boat that was on a large lake in our area.

This artist is Kathi Hooper ( I hope I spelled that correctly) 
She paints and hooks. I love her work lots of movement and wonderful color!

Some of her art work as well. A lovely show and I do have more to show you later.

We are starting to get chilly nights so I changed out our summer sheer curtains for our winter curtains. While we do not have to worry about privacy it is nice to shut out the cold night.

And have them wide open for the day. I bought these curtain rods at a antiques store and they were not much. I spayed them black and have used them for years. They go all the way back against the wall if you want them wide open.

For the past several years someone has been dropping off cornstalks for our mail box. Usually we find them leaned against the mailbox, but this year they tied them on. I love the mystery of it and it makes my husband and I smile each time we go in and out of the driveway. Small town living is just the best!

I have to work tomorrow so we ended our day with our first fire in the fire pit. So relaxing and ready to start another week.
Husband's appointment with the specialist was good-ish. He feels that we should do the wait and see as his blood work has come back to normal. He has ideas of what he thinks is happening or happened. We go back next month. So far so good.

I have had some new followers welcome and thank you for joining me. 
Have a wonderful week!


yaya said...

Your Fall colors are amazing! Thanks for sharing as I can't be there to leaf peep..yet! Next year after I retire we're planning an East coast adventure and I'll probably be one of those annoying tourists! How cute to have a mystery...and so pretty! I usually put up a corn stalk on our mailbox too but haven't done one I'm inspired! Have a good week. It's back to work for me too tomorrow and frankly, I'm not in the mood! Ha!

Hill Top Post said...

You can be sure we all would love to be tourist in your back door right now! That's an amazing view through your kitchen window.

Rugs and Pugs said...

That tour boat rug is simply amazing!
Those are really cool curtain rods.
Continued prayers that all is well with hubby ❤️

nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

I have been to the north east part of the country only once many years ago. It was during the summer and was beautiful then. I can only imagine what fall with its beautiful colors would be like.

Laurie said...

Autumn is beautiful where you are, I love this season as well. That rug , the big one is amazing, I think it’s the largest hand hooked rug I’ve ever heard of! Amazing art as well! Who ever is leaving the corn husks is lovely soul! I hope your husbands health continues to improve. said...

Well it sure looks fall-y there! I’ve never seen curtain rods like that but they make one heck of a lot of sense! I’m glad to hear the blood tests were ok. Waiting is very difficult. Thanks for update

Julia said...

You are smarter than me to go out there and take beautiful photos of the Autumn colors. Such beauty, I wish it would last longer.
I love that large rug. It's good that it got finished. Such a treasure. Your curtain rods are unique. I have never seen any like that before.
Your mysterious neighbor is a kind soul. I love the idea. I used to decorate with corn stalks years ago when we grew lots of corn.
Today we are celebrating Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for. Our Horn of Plenty has been figuratively filled again this year with a good harvest.
Enjoy this beautiful time of year. I'm so glad the bloodwork is OK. I'll keep David in my prayers.
Hugs, Julia

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Cathy,
Your fall colors are GORGEOUS!!! I would just LOVE to be able to blink myself there to take it all in, but since I can't, I truly appreciate you sharing your photos!! So nice that you and your hubby can get away together and appreciate the beauty!
That rug is AMAZING AND HUGE!!! So nice that the family donated it and others can appreciate it! The other rugs and art are lovely and so nice that you have that in your area!!
I love the story of the corn stalks and would love it if someone dropped some off for me!! lol
We are having some gorgeous weather right now and I just love this time of year in AZ!!
Good to hear of your hubby's appointment and hope you find the answer soon! You have been in my prayers!
Take care and enjoy your week!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

Prims By The Water said...

How fun to have someone bring you a cornstalk each year! The colors in New England are just breathtaking...some day I will be a tourist and visit at this time. :-) Janice

518frenchgirl said...

Hello Cathy, So funny that your mystery neighbors decorated your mailbox again...great neighbors there. NH was so amazing for leaf peeping this year, we enjoyed it there. Just took my sheers down too and hung heavier drapes on French doors. Lots of tasks to prepare for winter, glad you and hubby are well.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Fall is so wonderful!

Jean | said...

Cathy, I'm so happy to discover your blog through your comment/giveaway entry at mine! Fall is my favorite time of year, and you describe the feel of it so beautifully! Love your photos, too.

Farm Girl said...

You live in such a beautiful place. I love seeing those colors. I bet it is just wonderful to have all of that color and those beautiful hardwoods around. I think the cornstalk idea is a wonderful one. It would make me happy too.