Sunday, December 16, 2018

All I Want For Christmas Is....

The tree is up and very decorate.

The Santa's are all in the cupboard

Or hung on the tree.

I sorted a mountain of Christmas linens and found this sweet little 
Christmas curtain so I hung it in my new kitchen window and it is perfect. I have weeded 5 bags and 1 box of Christmas things out
and sent them to the thrift store. I feel much lighter...
But trust me, I have way more Christmas decorations than any 10 people should have left. 

I ordered a new bent hook and received a free pattern from Cushings. So I have a bit of a start on it.

I have made a couple of batches of dill snack mix .
I am making up a large tray of things for the highway guys in our town. I appreciate the long hours of plowing in the winter and like to give them something they can grab and go with. More snow coming in tonight.

My birds have left not sure why I have cleaned the feeder and changed the feed. But I read that it could be a predator in the area(hawk). Or someone may be feeding better. Fickle little birds.
So this week, what a week! I cracked a tooth in half. I went on Friday to have one piece taken out, tomorrow I find out if they can do something with what is left and what my other options are. Some they mentioned like an implant may not be an option for me to much money and the process freaks me out. I am trying not jump to conclusions but uggg.
I am so sad over this and I know It is just a tooth but with all that I have had in the past two weeks ugg. Plus Sat was 10 years since my mom passed. I may be an old woman but I miss my mom!
And to top it off from our sickness and sweet B's activities I haven't seen her and her parents for about a month. 
Ok have you had enough of my whining yet?

I know I have much to be thankful for and will try to focus on that and enjoy the holiday. I wish you all good health and great joy.


Saundra said...

I cannot afford implants. But is that the name formerly known as a 'crown'? If so I have nine of those and am always afraid that I'll lose one and need to have it replaced.

Saundra said...

OOPS, forgot to mention I'm going to like your free pattern!!!!!!! Keep us updated.

Julia said...

Your tree looks spectacular and so full of ornaments. All treasures I bet, like mine. At least, you didn't forget to put the bead garland on like I did. It's the first year I forgot.

I hope that your December goes better than my November. I'm so sorry about the cracked tooth. So much money for an implant, it's crazy. Personally, I don't like dentists. It seems they are only interested in our money.
I hope the rest of December goes better for you.
Hugs, Julia

Prims By The Water said...

Very festive! I see a new rug too! Hope you see Miss B soon. I re-added my pics on my blog form yesterday after I saw your post. Thanks for letting me know. Janice

WoolenSails said...

I take it, you like Santas, lol. I have boxes in the basement, will be going through them and deciding what to keep. With the kitties I just put up a few of my plastic cats, but the delicate ones and glass, has to wait till I have a spot they can be safely in. I just had one pulled and it was a chewer, still bothering me and I cannot chew on that side, so I may have to go implant. Luckily our plan covers them and Bill has had a few, plus our dentist invented implants and techniques that are being used now. I know how you feel with Miss B, if I don't see the boys for weeks, I need my joy fix;)


moosecraft said...

Sometimes you have to "let it all out" and then you will begin to feel better! I hope you can find an easy solution to your procedures are soooooo uncomfortable and expensive. You tree is sparkly and beautiful! Love it! Merry Christmas!!!

Judy said...

It seems this time of year, things get complicated and annoy me way more than they would in January.
If the tooth isn't noticeable when you smile, I'd just have it removed. I can't bear the thought of an implant. It just gives me the whimmies!!!

yaya said...

Your decorations are so beautiful. I'm sorry you're having a rough time right now. I have a tooth that broke too! (Are we twins that were separated? Ha!) Hang in there're in my prayers! Hope this is a better week!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You look very festive. Of course I just love your little chenille Santa ❤️
So sorry about the tooth. Even with dental insurance everything is SO expensive. I hope you had good news.
How sweet of you to remember the plow guys. Most people just complain about them.
Here's hoping you see Miss B soon. I bet she is excited about Christmas.