Sunday, January 14, 2018

Crazy Weather

In one week we went from minus 25 to this! with Rain, lots and lots of rain! we lost about 15 inches of snow in a 24 hour period. So there was flooding. Not near us, but in our town roads were closed. Then it all froze what a mess! it was 1 degree this morning.

I stayed in and dyed some wool. light is before, dark after,  I love how it came out. I have a lot of straight colored wool that I would not probably use. I like the mottled wool better. I am not confident dying wool but I need to do more of it so that I will use my wool and not keep buying and buying.

I got up early and out in 1 degree weather to go to guided meditation this morning. I was horrid at it my mind kept running away with me. I just could not settle! so I am going to try a little on my own before I go back next month. I found a youtube that may work for me.

Sweet B visited today, that always makes it a great day! 
We baked, played games and she helped me sort out the pile of books I have for when she comes. Her reading level is jumping up by leaps and bounds and as she said she doesn't need baby books any more. Her mom was always a wonderful reader too,so happy to see B love reading.
(Do you see the hand hanging on the frig by her head? That is her mom's hand when she was in first grade. B always puts her hand to measure against her mom's so sweet.)

When the weather gets cold I get cooking not really sure why except we love to eat and it feels cozy to have a warm oven going.
I made scones Sat morning a half batch with blueberries. Then I was watching cooks country and saw the pizza recipe. I made that Sat night and it was wonderful! A  keeper for sure.
Tonight pork loin with roasted veggies.
I have been getting ready for my 5 day rug hooking retreat in Kennebunk Me. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and relaxing. I just pray for good weather to get there and back.
Have a great week everyone!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Oh your grand daughter is so cute!
I too have a need to dye more. I got some new measuring spoons but still my colors were too dark.
Oh well I will keep trying.

Prims By The Water said...

Sweet B is adorable. We keep having the same weather pattern. Snow again tomorrow. Your pizza looks yummy! I made hot wings tonight and beef stew last night. Have a great week! Janice

WoolenSails said...

Miss B is growing up so fast and such a beautiful young lady.
I should meditate, maybe that would calm me down, but first I have to sit still, lol.
I hope the weather is good, this week it is a few flurries and a warmer weekend, when anything over 40 is warm;)


yaya said...

Look how cute Miss B is! It's always fun to have someone to help cook! I'm not a rug hooker but I think you and I would be little soul mates in other areas..I too love to bake and cook when the temps fall and our weather has been much like yours! So lets get through all our crazy weather and then truly enjoy the Spring when it arrives!

moosecraft said...

It's nice to see happy faces! :-) That pizza looks delicious. I agree with having the oven going when it's cold simply cozies up the house nicely! Enjoy the hook-in!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Miss B sure is growing up.
LOVE your wool. It came out great.
Have a wonderful time at rug camp. Hook lots, eat lots and have a glass of wine it two.

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Yes weather has been crazy up our way too. I couldn’t agree more with the cooking, baking and loving the sweet grand daughter. Enjoy your retreat.