Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Charmed Life

This year I have been reading Simple Abundance by Sara Breathnatch. It is daily thoughts on life.
This was about reading the glossy magazines and seeing the charmed lives that people are leading. She feels we should all take a good look at our own lives and see that a charmed life can be many things.

I belong to a wonderful women's group. We are a diverse group but what we have in common is really caring about each other and supporting each other through life. They have done wonderful things for me when my husband was going through his transplant.

These three have my heart. My sweet B with Santa, my daughter and son in law. I am so proud of those two,what wonderful parents they are!
Sat morning
 I ran errands around town. I bumped into people I knew every where. Some I hadn't seen in awhile lots of catching up, smiles, and hugs, small town
living at it's best.

We did get snow like most of the east coast. Besides being pretty we are safe and toasty. I went out to help husband with clean up shoveling walkways and cleaning cars. I was walking down our steep driveway and did a split! I haven't done a split in NEVER!
I sat in the snow for a bit taking stock of what was hurting or broken. Husband came running but really I am pretty good!! 
Not bad for an Gramie.

I spent the afternoon decorating, my feather tree with antique ornaments

I bought this hand carved santa this year at a church sale for .50 I put a little dark wax on him and he looks wonderful!

My little village, all vintage paper houses.

We are tucked in while the woodstove is doing it's job in the basement, We are enjoying a cup of tea..

I should be writing christmas cards but hooking calls.
While life has not been easy the past 6 years, I am leading a charmed life with many blessings that I am very thankful for.
Have a wonderful week, take time to make memories with loved ones and enjoy a hot cup of tea.


Julia said...

Wow Cathy, this is a powerful post. You are so right. We do live a charmed life. I stopped buying magazines a few years ago and I really don't miss it at all anymore. They can get very expensive after a while.

Funny thing about us two, we both fell this morning. However I wasn't a graceful as you because I twisted my left ankle when I slipped for the second time on the snowy slippery road coming home from the farm. I badly twisted my left ankle and I've been walking on crotches whenever I needed to mov e around today. I got my son to feed the calves and my husband did the evening milking. My foot has been paining so much that I can't put any weight on it and have been using crutches to get around. I took some Ibuprofen and it seems to help a lot.

My daughter Christine returned to Ottawa with he family by plane early this afternoon and I so enjoyed her visit My other daughter Jackie will come with her family to spend Christmas with us, my son Vaughan and and his daughter Jordyn and her family so it will be a nice to have some excitement at Christmas. My daughter Jackie and her husband will cook the turkey and we'll have a great Christmas. My foot should be healed by then.
Hugs, Julia

yaya said...

You do have a wonderful life! Your children and miss B are adorable and so glad your hubby is good. Sorry to hear about your fall but so glad you didn't break anything! I don't think I would do so good if I had to do a split! Take care and all your decorating is so lovely!

Rugs and Pugs said...

I do love your feather tree but I'm sure that's no!
I am happy to hear your hook was calling your name. That looks like a fun rug.
Yes, we are very blessed and have much to be thankful for.
Hugs :)

Judy said...

Small towns ARE the best!!!
I think small towns and easy, slow living are what make up a charmed life.
All the hectic living I see young people involved in nowadays, doesn't seem to make them any happier. More money perhaps, but not happier.

WoolenSails said...

I think you covered a simple life, very well. Home, family and friends and the simple joys are what matters and brings us the most joy.


Kay G. said...

Wonderful post, full of joy and love.
You did a SPLIT? You must be in great shape! I would be patting myself on the back!

Unknown said...

is that a bubble light peeking in that last picture?in the mid fourty's when i was a child bubble came out my dad brought them home from the shop. i think we may have been one of the first familys in our small town to get them.i now use the repos makes me think of my child hood

Farm Girl said...

I am so glad you didn't hurt your self really bad, like Julia did in her comment to you. I love your perspective. I lost my love affair with magazines when I started blogging. I like stories about real people in real life. I learned how to photograph and how magazines are so deceiving. I don't recommend this at holiday time but I was reading about what the people suffering in North Korea. We all live a very charmed lifes.
How nice to have a group of friends like that and to live in a small town. With snow!
Bliss I think. Your new rug looks fantastic. I love that truck.

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

I haven't been by for quite a while, so I just caught up on a few posts! I haven't been to Kennybunk area in years, however I have great memories - there is something about the beach in the winter that is mesmerizing! Your Christmas tree looks so pretty! And you did a split? As long as you didn't hurt yourself, you should really be quite proud that you can still do it w/o getting hurt - lol! We got over a foot of snow in the last few days - and that is enough for me, but news say more to come this weekend! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Okio B Designs said...

Love, love, love your feather tree!