Monday, January 30, 2017

Trying To trust The Journey

Today after work it was light enough for me to get a walk in!
So excited for a walk after working 9+ hours. It is so good for the soul.
On Sat I went to see my sweet 93 year old aunt and take her to breakfast. She makes me smile with her no nonsense view of things. We should all be so wise. On the way up her road I find a huge flock of turkeys really there were twice as many on the side of the road I didn't get a picture of.

Some of my facebook friends saw this last week but Miss B came and built me a snowman. He still is keeping and eye on Pepe and I 
just waiting for her to return.
 I was flipping through a magazine and look at the description of this???
I still haven't picked up a hook yet my friend is still gravely ill. It is so hard for me. She needs prayers.
On another note I will be seeing a friend I haven't seen in 20+ years this week. We were so close we did everything together but life happened and we lost touch. Over the past year on facebook we reconnected and she is here to see her sick brother. While she is here she is going to stay with us I am excited and nervous.
She was closer to me than either of my sisters. Life can be so harsh.
Stay patient and trust the journey


Farm Girl said...

Lovely post and full of wisdom. I will pray for your friend and I will pray for your visit. Your pictures are lovely and I haven't picked up a hook either. I am enjoying walking and being outside in the cold. I hope you have a lovely time. Your snow man is awesome and so is the little builder.

WoolenSails said...

It is nice to be able to get out, you are like me, we cannot stand being cooped up, too long.
I didn't see the photo of Miss B, I think I miss half the things on Facebook, she is such a cutie.
It will be fun to see your friend again, though a sad reason. I have a friend like that, she is nearby but haven't stayed in touch but always there for each other when it counts.


Saundra said...

Am sure you and your friend will easily transition where you left off 20 years ago. This just might be the medicine both of you need.

Farmhouse prims said...

I used to walk all the time, but now with working two jobs I don't have the time. Love the snowman. You and your friend will have an awesome visit, you both will pick up right where you left off, friends forever. hugs, Lecia

Prims By The Water said...

Have fun with your friend. I lost touch with one of my own friends, and now we reconnected and she is a vendor in our store. Imagine that her becoming an antique dealer like me. Hope your friend gets better. Will say a lil prayer for her. I love seeing the wild tureys by us. Janice

Kim said...

Oh Cathy, sometimes it's so hard to trust the journey. I watched the news last night and was so depressed by the time it was over. But we have to trust things will get better or else we will go insane. Have fun reconnecting with your old friend and I'm saying prayers for your other friend.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Enjoy your friend time! I'm sure it will be wonderful.
Prayers for your sick friend.
Hugs :)

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, enjoy your time with friend, will be great I'm sure. Sending prayers also, Hugs Francine.

yaya said...

I missed this post and it's so sweet with pretty Miss B and the snowman! We see a few turkeys now and then here at the Pines..and I really do mean real turkeys, not the human ones! Enjoy your visit with your good friend. I bet it will be like no time has even passed.