Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Hook In

Saturday I was lucky enough to go to a hook in my guild held.
There were so many rugs and I am sad to say I did not do well
with all the information. So enjoy the show I will post more
later in the week.

The Sheep was cut out of a pattern that the hooker was not sure she liked the pattern as a whole.

The fish was hooked by a lady who went to Star Island with us this year. She got a blue ribbon at Deerfield fair.

This rug was hooked in memory of her family that were stone cutters. It is so much more beautiful in person.

Good color for a shaped heart rug.

This is a larger rug but great color.

My sweet friend and I got to hike  a bit this week.
The color is fading but still very pretty.

We got lots of rain and wind this weekend so I am sure our hike this week the trees will be bare. And we got snow up north the seasons they are a changing.

This is a picture of pure bunny love.
Miss B got a bunny! It is so cute I visited this week.
When she gets home she opens his cage and sits on the floor and reads to the bunny to get him use to her. He hops out and nibbles at the pages so stinking cute.
I won the cutest give away at Prims by the water. I will try to
post the pictures next post I hope. For some reason this computer is giving me fits! Thank you Janice so much I love the hand made candle mat and the sweet primitive pumpkin.
I hope you are enjoying fall.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks for the rug show. Hook ins are always fun.
Miss B is too stinkin' cute with that bunny. Her hair is so long!!!
The weather sure is changing and I don't like it not one little bit :(
Hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful rugs, always love to see rugs from other area hookers.
If that is faded, I wish I had been up there for full foliage, lol.
Mrs. B looks so grown up and if I recall a photo of you, she looks like you.


Prims By The Water said...

Miss B's bunny is adorable. My kids had a bunny which we had in the house for a bit...until she started chewing up our wood moulding. then she moved to the garage in the Winter and spent Summer's outside. Our Cocker Spaniel and her were unlikely friends. Love seeing all of the beautiful work done by some talented ladies. Janice

yaya said...

Miss B and her bunny are adorable! My hubby is super allergic to rabbits so my kids never could have one. They found a very tame bunny in the yard once I knew it had to be domestic to be that unafraid. I can't remember if we found it's owner or not...I just knew we could keep it! The rugs are beautiful. I do admire such wonderful talent. We've had similar and very windy. I know this weekend probably was the best time for real nice color on our trees. Have a good week.

Farm Girl said...

I totally love that picture of Miss B and her bunny. I just love that look on her little face. I would frame that forever and ever I think.
The rugs are magical. Such pretty hooking. I love what color is left on the trees though. Since we have almost two months before the trees loose their leaves here, I imagine it is bittersweet knowing that brown November is just around the corner.
Lovely pictures thank you for sharing.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Great rug show! Miss B. is so adorable! She looks so happy with her bunny!