Friday, September 16, 2016

An Amazing Retreat On Star

I was blessed with 4 days on Star Island.

This amazing little island off the coast of NH.

This was our rug hooking home while on the island, amazing right?

Awe inspiring sunsets. Beauty everywhere the eye can see.
I had a very hard time staying in my seat. I had to wander all over the island so I have lots and lots of pictures I will share later. But we were on the island to create...

And create we did! This is an impromptu rug show on the main
porch. The feed back was wonderful. It is such a creative sharing community.

This is what I worked on I got a lot done but still more to go.
The beaks are not on the birds yet I have tried a couple of colors but didn't like either choice.

This rug was being hooked by Debbie Kelley just lovely

I do not remember the name of the hooker of this but look at that duck's head just amazing!

This was being hooked by my partner in crime Donna.
Her own creation in honor to her husband.

I have a lot more rugs to share so be sure to check back.
I did get on the beach for a few pieces of sea glass.

And this was our ride home, the Thomas Leighton.
The people of star have a chant when you leave.
S-T-A-R, S-T-A-R
I am already planning my return trip next year.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, my goodness. That looks like an amazing place to spend 4 days hooking. I don't blame you for planning your return.
Your rug is coming along great and Donna's looks to be a very cool rug.
I look forward to lots more pictures.
Hugs :)

Saundra said...

Gorgeous sunset and what a beautiful rainbow sky too. Love what you're working on and enjoyed the other rugs. Looking forward to more picture. I'm leaving for rug camp myself on Sunday.

WoolenSails said...

I think I would love that and it sounds so peaceful.
Love the sea glass, maine is a great place for beach combing, one year we found a buoy while kayaking, I still have that.


Farm Girl said...

What a beautiful place. I would go there for a rug retreat, but I am sure I would want to wander too. What beautiful rugs. I can' wait to see more pictures.